Two more COBRA Island reviews posted!

Continuing on my week long review project, I have added two more COBRA Island 7-pack reviews, and updated the 25th Anniversary Review page.

3 thoughts on “Two more COBRA Island reviews posted!

  1. THANK YOU! its nice to know that someone else gets the fact that, at a core visual level, most of the designs of the joe mythos are totally ridiculous (not to mention, not very tactical). as much as i love joe, i realized early on that many of the designs would not work in a live action outlet. hell, im surprised that the movie is fantastical to the level it is.
    snake eyes? never believed theyd keep the costume so intact. same for storm shadow. im totally blown away at the fact that destro will have the mask (regardless of how he gets it, i didnt think theyd even attempt to pull it off).
    for years i had feared that a joe movie would entail green abrams, apaches, and F22s squaring off against blue abrahms, apaches and F22s.
    regardless of the ultimate outcome…thanks paramount and thanks stephen sommers…for, what i believe will be, a wonderful version of Joe.

  2. never been a dr. mindbender, but boy, do i want those boxed sets! since i hate everything concerning the dreadful movie, (sculpted lips on snake eyes?!? thanks, but no, thanks) i prefer dr. mindbender over that “doctor” of the movie any day, period.

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