El Mayimbe from Latino Review RAVES about G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA

While he has not written his official review yet, El Mayimbe of Latino Review has seen G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA, and cannot stop talking about it through his Twitter feed.  The following quotes are pulled directly from it:

After waiting 25 years, I finally saw the G.I.JOE movie & IT DOES NOT SUCK! I LOVED IT!”

I actually wanna hug Stephen Sommers. The movie was pure escapist fun! This hardened G.I. JOE fanboy gives the movie my blessing.”

Going home to write my review. Its the best ACTION film of the summer. Better than TS, Star Trek, TF2.”

Knowing what a big G.I. Joe fan El Mayimbe is, this is GREAT to hear.  Great.  He’s not in bed with any corporate titans, he bashes things universally, so this is a very welcome review in my mind.  Can’t wait to read the whole thing.

4 thoughts on “El Mayimbe from Latino Review RAVES about G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA

  1. Good to see that reviews of the movie continue to be positive. I just hope that comments like these can help change the public’s negative opinion of the film. The lead story in USA Today’s entertainment section was about G.I. Joe being plagued by bad buzz, so there’s still a definite image problem. Hopefully that will change by August 7.

  2. This is why hyper-sensitive, overly negative fanboys who think it’s cool to whine about and then bash anything that deviates from their “ideal” piss me off. I’ll never understand how one can pronounce something they haven’t yet seen as awful.

    It’s also why I’ve stopped visiting message boards; too many half-formed opinions being hastily spewed into the ether. It’s too easy and there are no immediate repercussions. The sheer arrogance of some of the grammatically atrocious tripe that’s been posted regarding this movie, its director and the actors is just offensively ridiculous. I suppose acting from behind the safety of a keyboard can grow some hefty virtual balls, but not much in the way of brains.

    Tell ya what though, if this movie tanks through no fault of its own, but because of the negative fanboy hate-mongering, and Hasbro puts the line back on “hiatus”, I’ll have a healthy laugh at all the douches who’ve ruined their own hobby… and then feel bad for the real fans.

    Bottomline, it’s a fun hobby, but it’s only a hobby. And this upcoming flick is only a movie. None of it is life or death. The two things I learned from all of this is that raging fanboys need to gain some perspective and I don’t want to be associated with most of them.

    Honestly, I’m actually ashamed/embarrassed to be connected with these goofy, myopic “fans” in any way and I’ve quit collecting altogether. They give us “normal” fans a bad rap and perpetuate the myth that toy collecting adults are all social retards living in their mom’s basement surrounded by “MISB” toys, empty Doritos bags, 42 cats and only one litter box.

    Sorry for the rant.

  3. im all for “different”, so….yeah. i’ve been looking forward to this film for a while.

  4. HOLY CRAP CHARLES! i think i just read my own post!

    finally. someone who “gets it”! thank you my friend, thank you very much. i feel 100% the way you do and also had to leave hisstank, (for the most part) to keep my blood pressure from exploding my heart! here’s what ive been screaming for months, i know you, sir, will appreciate and moreover, understand it.

    if the movie sucks, ive lost $8, but i wont need therapy.
    if the movie rocks, ive spent a good $8, but it wont cure my cancer.

    i dont have cancer, mind you, its just my extreme way of saying, sucks or rocks, life will go on.

    im pretty sure im going to LOVE this movie, but even if i dont, as disappointing as it will be, at least ive shown my support.

    any and every person who claims “fan” should get their ass to the theater and see this movie or get the hell out of the hobby altogether.

    heres to charles, my new best friend that i dont even know–good on ya mate!

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