Massive update to the Rise of COBRA Toy Superpage

Well, SDCC was fun and everything, but getting it all sorted out and organized was a PITA of the highest level.  Regardless, the Toy Superpage should now be up to date (I think…  :shifty:)

This is what I did, this go ’round:

  • Added listings and images for Wal-Mart Battle Stations
  • Added listings and images for Toys “R” Us Troop Builder 5-Packs
  • Added listings and images for TRU Snow Serpent & Bench-Press
  • Added listings and images for the white coat Doctor and unmasked Arctic Storm Shadow Variant
  • Added listings and images for latest round of speculation (Duke, Ripcord, Desert-Viper, Storm Shadow, Resolute Snake Eyes)
  • Separated Waves 2 & 3 of the Alpha vehicles and added images pertaining to them

I think that’s it.  If anyone finds anything I’ve missed, let me know, but I believe I’ve managed to capture everything.  Still refining the release dates and such, but most images have the tags in them with the release dates on them.  Check it out here.

Larry Hama says a few words about G.I. Joe has posted some great video of Larry Hama talking about the history of G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero and also about his role with G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA.  Hasbro Executive Brian Goldner also chimes in alongside Stuart Beattie and Stephen Sommers.  Check out the video below.  Thanks to tkprime’s Twitter feed for the information.

Think the Rise of COBRA Baroness figure is fugly? So does Sienna Miller…

Many a fan has wondered exactly what the hell went wrong with Hasbro’s face-scanning equipment when The Baroness figure was first revealed, since it looked absolutely nothing like the normally beautiful Sienna Miller.  Most other face sculpts all look okay, but hers?  Not so much.

Turns out, the actress has noticed.  Speaking with the New York Daily News, she had this to say:

“My doll is cross-eyed and has the biggest chin you have ever seen…”  “…She looks sort of possessed.”

Click here to read the full article…I wonder if we’ll get any sort of updated face sculpt somewhere down the line?  Hopefully we don’t have to wait for the inevitable sequel.  Meanwhile, someone needs to tell her the correct term is “action figure”.  :shifty:

More COBRA Island reviews posted – Hit & Run and Air-Viper!

So far, keeping my promise, as two more reviews have been posted for the recently released COBRA Island 7-Packs.  This around we have:

Previous installments were:

Latest JoeCanuck newsletter is online now!

Just in time for the movie next week, our brothers to the North have posted their latest Collectors’ Newsletter.  Check it out here!  Entertaining and filled with information as always.  The coolest thing, is that it’s a VERY “Rise of COBRA” centric issue, which I’m all in favor of.  Don’t hesitate to check it out.


Want to see some early scenes from G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA? Watch more TV.

As August 7th draws ever closer, more and more promotion for G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA is approaching.  The following info comes from Phil Kost on

“I was watching Bones on TNT when there was an ad for Dark Blue. During the ad Channing Tatum and Marlon Wayans were there saying that during Dark Blue there would be some scenes from GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra. So, if you are interested, check your local listings.”

Also, courtesy of tkprime and SNAKE EYES on, Adult Swim will be showing a special exclusive trailer this Friday night at midnight.  So, fire up those DVR’s or sit down and catch some TV this week…

EDIT-  The AdultSwim trailer is apparently SUNDAY at midnight, not Friday.  Thanks to tkprime for the heads up.

Movie accurate Rise of COBRA Arctic Assault Storm Shadow?

SNAKE EYES from has dug up an image of what looks to potentially be an Arctic Assault Storm Shadow variant.  This particular version of the figure has white sword handles and is using the unmasked head from the Paris Pursuit version.  An interesting variant for sure, especially since this is how the character appears in the film.

Keep your eyes open…


New “Webisode” featuring sound design posted on

Another production video has been added to Rise of COBRA Director Stephen Sommers’ website, this time featuring a look at sound production.  Per Hallberg spends a few minutes discussing exactly what goes into doing the sound work on a big budget film like this, and there’s also some great footage, including a nice little peek at a nasty looking weapon they call a “Pulse Torpedo”.  Check it out at, or just hit “play” below.