Toys “R” Us Exclusive “Bench-Press” revealed at SDCC

Following up on last night’s promise, madmac41 at GeneralsJoes sister site JoeBattleLines has posted images of the upcoming Toys “R” Us Exclusive single packed Bench-Press figure.  We have carded images as well as a picture of his filecard.  The character appears to use Rock n Roll’s filename with a brand new character attached to it.  For months, Brendan Fraser has mentioned that his character in the Joe film is a descendent of his character in the Mummy…could this be him and not Sgt. Stone?

We’ll all find out in a couple of short weeks.



16 thoughts on “Toys “R” Us Exclusive “Bench-Press” revealed at SDCC

  1. Kinda cool looking. I like that they are introducing new characters (hoping for more!). He’s got some surfer tatoos, but what is up with the chainsaw and axe…was he a former lumberjack? Are they motivation for the Joes he trains? Can anyone figure out what parts he is made from?

  2. That’s Rock n Roll’s file name. I like the figure, but why would you change the codename and the look of the figure, but still use the surfing part and the file name? Has Rock n Roll gone the way of Roadblock?

  3. well, as much as that card art does look more like fraser than stone’s did…im still sticking with sgt. stone being his character.

    let me rephrase…after seeing this figure, im HOPING for it to be stone.

    as far as the figure itself? not too thrilled.

    hes a trainer…who trains with a chainsaw, axe and floppy hat?

    new characters i dont mind. but when theyre just slapped together in an effort to get me to open the wallet? not feeling it.

  4. What happened? Did Lanard grab another Hasbro copyright? (They have sparks and ravage, but my GOD, Why does Hasbro let these names get taken? Or is this a case of there’s more than one John Smith in the world, so there can be more than one Joe with the Same name……..Ah, to be a Hasbro executive (they live in a world all their own).

  5. tkprime- No, Rock and Roll is just a generic, untrademarkable name. Hence his two figures being “SSGT. Rock and Roll” for 25A. Bench Press, apparently, CAN be trademarked.

  6. I think Brendan Fraser is Bench Press…

    Asides from the file card looking like him, I’m using what Fraser said about his GI Joe Character being the descendant of the Mummy Character…

    In the Mummy it’s Rick O’Connell…

    On the file card… Craig McConnell…

    I think we got a winner…

  7. Also… I’ll add one more to it…why else would Toys R Us have an exclusive on the character unless he was special in some way?

  8. Van, TRU also had an exlusive on BBQ, Firefly, and apparently will on a Snow Serpent. What was special about those characters? I don’t even think any of them are in the movie.

  9. By the way, where does it say anything about him being a trainer? Rock n Roll was the Joe’s trainer, but this card doesn’t say anything about it, at least if it does I’m not seeing it.

  10. I’m with The Jay, he looks like Big Brawler.

    His name and profile are reminiscent of Rock’n’Roll and he certainly doesn’t look like a “motorcycle rider”, which is the only aspect of Fraser’s character that’s been mentionned.

    I must admit I’m disappointed the only firearm this guy comes with is the oversized missile launching gatling gun Heavy Duty came with.

  11. “Van, TRU also had an exlusive on BBQ, Firefly, and apparently will on a Snow Serpent. What was special about those characters? I don’t even think any of them are in the movie.”

    I did not know that… oh well… throw that one out the window… but I think the name is still a strong indication.

  12. I think folks have really given Fraser’s glib statement about playing his Mummy character’s descendant too much thought.

    I’m pretty sure he just said he was playing a descendant of his Mummy character because he was promoting the last Mummy film at the time and his blink and you’ll miss him cameo in the Joe film is uncredited so he had no idea what his character’s name was. He just knew he wasn’t playing Gung-Ho since he thought Gung-Ho was gay. Then Joe fans ran wild with the speculation that he was Rock ‘N Roll cause the two character names are sorta the same.

    Basically actors are idiots and you should never believe anything they say.

    With that said he might be Bench-Press, I dunno.

  13. Closer inspection reveals Bench-Press here reuses 25th Anniversary Bazooka’s torso and arms and military fatigues Heavy Duty’s legs and Clutch’s head.

    Recycling an older head makes it very unlikely he’s Brendan Fraser’s character.

  14. I spoke to a Hasbro rep today about this figure and it is NOT Brenden Fraser’s character.

    Also, the figure was supposed to be the movie line Rock ‘n’ Roll but they had to change the name due to copyright issues. Since they are now going into international territories with these figures the names have to clear internationally. So Rock ‘n’ Roll wasn’t available somewhere and had to be changed. Rather than just slap a new name on the figure they changed the character completely with a new bio, specialty and codename. Unfortunately the Craig McConnel file name is an error on the card that got missed when it was produced.

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