Some more last minute SDCC Images

SDCC has pretty much wrapped for 2009, but there are still some cool stragglers, image-wise.  Nomad over at JoeBattleLines has been in the trenches all weekend getting us some fantastic shots, which JBL has posted as a full gallery here.  Some of the more interesting images, though, I’m mirroring below.

Over at The Terror Drome, someone also snagged a loose pic of Bench-Press as well, which I’ve hosted below.


7 thoughts on “Some more last minute SDCC Images

  1. Resolute Roadblock sure gets recycled. His figure is used in the Outpost Defender set, his body and vest are used for Night Adder and now his machine gun is being used by Repeater.

  2. If we see these figures here, do you think were going to see anything new at the joe con?

  3. Thespian- There are still quite a few on screen character costumes without figures for them- Paris Scarlett, Reactive Armour Breaker, the Arctic versions of Ripcord, Scarlett, and Breaker, non-disguised Zartan. IIRC there was a rumour list of figures due for release in this line and it included pre-nanite Rex, Dress Uniform Duke and Hawk, and the Hard Master.

    Most of the recently leaked figures weren’t on display in San Diego as far as I recall either, so City Strike Duke/Snake Eyes, Arctic Threat Storm Shadow, and Jungle Assault Ripcord.

    They might also have stuff we haven’t even considered yet- The Wave 2 PIT class vehicle (assuming the things are selling well, that is), yet more TRU singles, training/kid versions of Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes, given how remarkably MASK themed the Steel Crusher Hummer is, maybe Miles Mayhem or some other VENOM characters…

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