SDCC Update – Toys “R” Us Exclusive Rise of COBRA Snow Serpent

NSA, the admin of took another trip by the Hasbro booth today at San Diego ComicCon, and noticed a new addition…an apparent Toys “R” Us Exclusive single-card Snow Serpent in unique Rise of COBRA colors!  Awesome!

I’ve mirrored a couple of pictures below, but there are more fantastic images at the source…these guys really know how to use their camera, definitely check their site out for some of the best pictures of SDCC I’ve seen on the ‘net.



  • Ogre_h

    I really like the arctic camo on this version. I had already built my Serpent squad, but I may have to add a few more.
    Now if they’d only Single Card the Eel V1 again.

  • FredVIII

    Wow, that looks superb! With the camo and slightly darker colors, I think like this more than the original 25th version. More of this please, Hasbro.

  • Thanks for the kind words :) It’s been a lot of fun at SDCC this year!

    I posted the remainder of my pics:

    Take care!

  • DistantFred

    That looks boss. And the Ice Viper rifle might even be easier for the figure to hold than his AK, the stock of which was really easy to bend.

    The Ice Hook is a nice addition, too.