Who is “Bench Press”? Another new TRU exclusive to be revealed at SDCC…

Over at GeneralsJoes “sister site” JoeBattleLines, it’s being reported that another single packed Toys “R” Us exclusive has been placed in the case at SDCC, but no images are available yet.  Alongside Snow Serpent is supposedly a new G.I. Joe trainer named “Bench Press”.  According to Nomad who is in San Diego, Bench Press “is a ground pounder and the team’s physical trainer. He’s a big built guy (possible Heavy Duty parts).”

We’ll wait on pins and needles for pictures, and a huge thanks to Nomad and LeonardoTDragon from JBL for the info!

Sideshow Collectibles SDCC Presentation online now

Day three at SDCC Sideshow Collectibles did their presentation, and has been kind enough to give some information about it on their website via streaming video!  Included in this video are mentions of Firefly (with concept art), Premium Format figures and dioramas.  Sideshow is expanding their license and doing it in a huge way.

To watch the video, click here, and I’ve also taken some screenshots that I’ve mirrored below.

SDCC Update – Toys “R” Us Exclusive Rise of COBRA Snow Serpent

NSA, the admin of Fighting118th.com took another trip by the Hasbro booth today at San Diego ComicCon, and noticed a new addition…an apparent Toys “R” Us Exclusive single-card Snow Serpent in unique Rise of COBRA colors!  Awesome!

I’ve mirrored a couple of pictures below, but there are more fantastic images at the source…these guys really know how to use their camera, definitely check their site out for some of the best pictures of SDCC I’ve seen on the ‘net.



Whopping four and a half minute clip for G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA

Holy crap.  You know I wanted to post the following headline:  “Absolutely totally mother#$@Q! insane four minute clip” but I decided against it.  YouTube user vincent26523 has posted a rather long segment of the Paris Pursuit chase scene from the upcoming G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA.  A word of warning – The clip is in French.  But it’s still a helluva fun 4.5 minutes!  Stop reading and just watch it already!

The same user has also posted the previously exclusive to Yahoo! Movies clip on YouTube as well.  This one is in English.

Okay, I need to see this movie tonight.

More images from San Diego ComicCon – very clear!

Toy reviewer extraordinaire Michael Crawford evidently made the trip out to San Diego and took his awesome camera.  Sure, the images are a bit later than most other sites out there, but the quality is out of this world.  Check out his images on his site here, or peek at the ones I mirrored below.

Resolute Snake Eyes LIVES!!

In what is sure to be great news for most Joe fans (but bad news for those folks who have paid $250+ for this thing on eBay) a carded sample of a G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA Snake Eyes (City Strike) has been uncovered by HissCommander on The Terror Drome.  Here he is, Joe fans, with the right head and the right colors!

Resolute fans rejoice!


Fantastic images and reviews for Rise of COBRA Dragonhawk and Crimson Hydra

JoeSightings and JoeBattleLines staff member Werecat must have stumbled across the latest Bravo vehicles on his travels, and has posted some of his educated, insightful thoughts on those two boards previously mentioned.  I’ve mirrored his excellent thoughts and images here as well.  Click the “Read the rest of the story” link below to check it all out.

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