Updated Product images from SDCC at Toy News International

It looks like ToyNewsI has posted some more product display images in their Rise of COBRA Gallery.  Included in these images are some nice new pictures of:

  • Leatherneck w/ the Tiger Claw ATV
  • COBRA Troop Builder 5-Pack (with Duke in disguise!)
  • G.I. Joe Desert 5-Pack
  • Senior Ranking Officer 3-Packs
  • Target Exclusive Rescue Mission 4-Pack

Check out the mirrored images below.

Great new pics from SDCC Preview night at Fighting118th.com! Resolute Stalker in the house!

SNAKE EYES from HissTank.com brings it to my attention, that NSA from fansite Fighting118th.com was at the SDCC Preview Night last night and posted some fantastic pictures on his site here and here.  Lots of great shots with angles we haven’t seen before, including a GREAT shot of what appears to be a Resolute themed Stalker action figure!  Yeah!

Anyway, check out the amazing pictures below…best images I’ve seen from SDCC to date.  Nice job!

Some updated G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA Product Images

Yet more figure news out of HissTank this morning as they’ve gotten their hands on some product images for upcoming G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA action figures.  These are thought to be from Wave 4, but that’s not known for certain.  Shown in the mirrored gallery below are:

  • Charbroil
  • The Doctor (White Labcoat)
  • Nano-Viper
  • Kamakura
  • Night Adder
  • Red Fang Ninja

Check out the original thread here, and take a peek at the images below.

A ton of reused parts and pieces…lots of Resolute Duke and Blowtorch for Charbroil…Nano-Viper is a straight up Viper Commando repaint.  Kamakura is pretty much all repainted parts.  Night Adder has Resolute Roadblock’s body and vest, though he has a new head.  Even the Red Fang Ninja looks to have the RoC Viper body, and maybe just a Resolute Trooper head with sunglasses.  They are mixing them up well, and the result is decent, but they’ve definitely got this formula down.

Even more SanDiego ComicCon news from HissTank

Well, not a whole lot of new news, per se, but some nicely clear images of figures we knew were on the horizon.  During SDCC, they gave out a G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA catalog, and HissTank’s got some nice images of what was shown inside, including clear pictures of:

  • Kamakura
  • Nano-Viper
  • Night Adder
  • Red Fang Ninja

Also an image of an upcoming Ninja Battles Scene Pack is shown as well, with Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow repaints packaged with the Valor Vs. Venom Arashikage Temple playset.  Some cool stuff.  Check the mirrored images below.

Also shown at SDCC were images of some more upcoming 12″ product including:

  • Destro
  • Hawk
  • Heavy Duty
  • Duke (Reactive Armor)

My thoughts on this stuff (well, the 4 inch stuff, anyway) are pretty positive.  A lot of remixed parts, but remixed in a GREAT way.  Anyone who reads my diatribes knows that I love new characters, so with Night Adder and Red Fang Ninja (did I actually call him Red CLAW Ninja last night?  Oops…) I’ve loving what I’m seeing.  The fact that Night Adder uses Resolute Roadblock’s tooling is icing on the cake.  Some great stuff to look forward to, hopefully we get some nice, clear pics of the product shots in the next few days.