Great new pics from SDCC Preview night at! Resolute Stalker in the house!

SNAKE EYES from brings it to my attention, that NSA from fansite was at the SDCC Preview Night last night and posted some fantastic pictures on his site here and here.  Lots of great shots with angles we haven’t seen before, including a GREAT shot of what appears to be a Resolute themed Stalker action figure!  Yeah!

Anyway, check out the amazing pictures below…best images I’ve seen from SDCC to date.  Nice job!

  • Give me REso Stalker…..

  • Thespian

    It might be me, but I don’t see Reso Stalker.Still searching but I don’t see him! :(

  • JT

    Thespian: Look at picture 13, the one of the Pit control room. Stalker’s at the far left computer terminal.