G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA TV Spot #10 online!

We interrupt this deluge of SDCC news to report that the TENTH TV spot for G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA has gone up over on HDTVSpot’s YouTube Channel.  Thanks to SNAKE EYES from HissTank.com for the report!

A few more SDCC Dio tidbits from The Terror Drome

The Terror Drome continues to upload images from the preview night floor in San Diego, and a few more have caught my eye.  These images contain the following:

  • The Doctor in white labcoat confirmed as a secondary release
  • Volcano-Viper, the driver of the Lava Pod (MolePod repaint)
  • Red Claw Ninja (I believe)

More SDCC Rise of COBRA Diorama Goodness from HissTank.com

HissTank.com is getting their images uploaded (as their servers explode), but thankfully, I’m also mirrored some images of theirs here as well.  You can check out the original Hisstank.com thread here.  Lots of diorama images, mostly what we’ve seen before, but a few neat little tidbits like Kamakura, Red Claw Ninja, and the Tiger Claw ATV.  Check out the gallery below and peruse this site until they get theirs back up.

San Diego ComicCon images posted at The Terror Drome

Next in line for the Preview Night madness is The Terror Drome, who have started posting some images at their gallery here (but are also graciously allowing me to host them all at my site, too).  Images below feature:

  • Close up images of the G.I. Joe “Desert 5-Pack”
  • The pilot of the Polar Shark Sub, Ice Storm
  • Miscellaneous Vehicles that we’ve seen already

Check out those images below, and don’t worry, there will be much more coming!

Toy News International SDCC Image rundown

Okay, I perused the gallery over at Toy News International, and there wasn’t a whole lot of consequence.  Well, that’s not entirely true.  The diorama buildings in those images pretty much blew my head clean off.  Absolutely amazing…I’d wager the fine folks at Diorama Dreams had just a little to do with those…pure  brilliance.

As far as product goes, mostly what we’ve seen before, with a few gems mixed in:

  • The Doctor in a white labcoat.  Planned variant?  Another figure entirely?  Hmmm…


  • Dusty standing next to the Desert Rockslide; Very nice camouflage patterns on both, but still repaint stuff.


  • Mini Subs!  Hell yeah…we’ve seen funky multicolored test shots, but no actual in-color production shots of what looks to be the Polar Shark Sub w/ Ice Storm (though they almost look like Volcano Vipers).  These things look pretty nasty.


All images, again, came from the Toy News International Rise of COBRA gallery.

Toy News International begins posting San Diego ComicCon Images!

Right out of the starting gate, Toy News International has begun posting images of Preview Night for San Diego ComicCon.  The Full gallery can be viewed right here!  I’m going to digest this for a minute then post again with my thoughts.

YoJoe and JoeReloaded team up for “Guess the Box Office” Contest!

YoJoe.com and JoeReloaded.com have teamed up for a contest guessing the opening Box Office returns for the upcoming G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA motion picture.  Winners will receive the four-issue Rise of COBRA adaptation with the SDCC Exclusive covers!

Check out all of the details here and have fun with it.  Sounds like a very cool idea.

Shout! Complete Sunbow Series Review – Part 3

This one’s pretty late in the game, but the third installment of my review for the Shout! Factory Complete Series boxed set has been posted here!  Part four will be bright and early tomorrow morning.

SDCC Coverage Day 1 – Preview Night

I know other sites have some pictures up already, and I’m combing through them and picking out the good stuff, but I’m also expecting some images from JoeBattleLines and The Terror Drome potentially tonight as well.  But at this point, this is what we know about what was shown at SDCC (or what was peeked at behind enemy lines…  :shifty: )

Wal-Mart Exclusive Battle Stations

  • Heatseek Missile w/ Scrap Iron and Neo-Viper
  • Surveillance Port w/ MARS Trooper
  • Laser Artillery Weapon w/ Hawk and Hit & Run (YES!)
  • Outpost Defender w/ Tripwire and Roadblock

First impressions – I loved these battle stations as a kid, and they still look pretty cool, and I love that they’re coming with two figures.  Resolute Roadblock is GREAT, even if he looks different.  Love the QuaidHawk.  Please don’t tell me that funky green and silver Tripwire with tiger stripes is supposed to be Hit & Run…  :/

Toys “R” Us Exclusive Troop Builder Packs

  • G.I. Joe “Desert Set” w/ Dial Tone (female), Law & Order, Zartan, Footloose, and Repeater
  • COBRA set w/ Unknown

Tough to make out a whole lot here, but I’m loving that Joe set.  Repeater and Footloose are both winners (yeah, I know, Footloose needs to be in green camouflage, but these paint apps look GREAT, even if they’re not vintage accurate).  Female Dial Tone is awesome to see, too, for those of us willing and able to move on from 1986.

Hopefully more to come!

Images courtesy of HissTank.com.

New Retail Sightings – Dragonhawk, Crimson Hydra, and Target Vehicle packs

Thanks to HissTank.com members bucky and qwe for reporting these latest retail findings.  All of the above discoveries were at various Target stores.  Check out the images mirrored below.