New reviews posted in the Rise of COBRA review section!

Look!  It’s Paris Pursuit day!  Well, two out of three of them, anyway.  The Rise of COBRA Review Page now has the two sword brothers posted:


New G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA TV Spots are online!

Thanks to HissCommander from The Terror Drome for notifying me of two new Rise of COBRA TV Spots that have hit YouTube!  The first one doesn’t seem to have much new footage, just most of the same old same old.  The quality isn’t all that great, but some cool new narration:

This next one, though…this one has the goods!  New footage, including a cloaking suit!  Plus some awesome footage of Scarlett tearing up Paris on the motorcycle.  VERY cool new TV spot, here’s hoping it gets online somewhere in High Def!

Mysterious new three-pack image found online

The guys at The Terror Drome have uncovered an image for a mysterious three-pack of The Baroness, Duke, and Neo-Viper.  The figures themselves don’t appear to be any different than the single-carded counterparts, and there’s no indication of whether or not they’re exclusive to any specific stores.

Click here to check out the thread, and the image is mirrored below.