Four more reviews added to the Rise of COBRA Review Page!

These four hour sleep nights are catching up to me, but I’ve got four more reviews done and posted on the Reviews Page.  The reviews are as follows:

I’ve still got a small pile of figures and a ton of vehicles to wade through, so they’ll keep coming, but don’t be surprised if the pace slows down, at least a little bit.  If folks are wondering why so many of these initial reviews are, for the most part, really positive, it’s because I’m doing my favorite stuff first.  You’ll see reviews with a bit more balance coming down the pipe…especially when I get to Snake Eyes v.1.  :shifty:

5 thoughts on “Four more reviews added to the Rise of COBRA Review Page!

  1. Hey Justin does the 25th Flash head fit on the movie body and if so does it look ok? I’m tempted on this figure but I’d like to give him a head swap.

  2. Flash and “Different look than we’re used to”? BALDERDASH. He’s wearing the team colour (which is now black) and red body armour. which is what he’s always done. The only real differences are the now-enclosed helmet, and the fact that he’s now wearing a nomex face mask.


    Hawk’s likeness strength… might have everything to do with the fact that it’s cast in flesh tone, rather than painted in it. The flesh paint Hasbro uses tends to be really thick, and a lot of the time makes faces look a bit like rubber masks.

    The shoulder holster being static really shouldn’t surprise you that much- since the start of the 25th line, the only working shoulder holsters Hasbro’s produced were for the MARS Officer and RoC Destro, despite Gen. Hawk, Copperhead, Mainframe and others all having shoulder rigs.

  3. nice reviews man..

    i want to get helix now.
    hawk is really a cool figure..i was just hoping that swapping heads with other figs is easier using army of this fig would look good.. i really wanna create a joe army out of ths movie figs,..but the price is just..NAH!

    job well done on the reviews man!

  4. No head swap with unmasked SS for a pic?

    Cool reviews. I wasn’t really interested in Flash until now…I’ll pick him up if I see him for sure.

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