Big update to the GeneralsJoes Rise of COBRA reviews!

It occurs to me that I neglected to post about the review update I did yesterday, and I’ve got one posted today, too…so over the past 48 hours, I’ve posted the following reviews for you to peruse:

The Rise of COBRA reviews page is posted with all links right here.

5 thoughts on “Big update to the GeneralsJoes Rise of COBRA reviews!

  1. Man, I love the Doctor. I can’t wait to get my hands on him! I really wish that Ripcord came with the arm guns that Accelerator Suit Duke did, but, alas.

    Didn’t a DEF member have a tank like RA Ripcord’s too, only in, like, neon?

    Nice reviews!! Got me stoked for the figures I can’t find yet :(

  2. You didn’t mention this in your review, but Reactive Armour Ripcord’s tank can also mount Breaker/Cover Girl’s launchers… and it has a little slot next to the launcher that can hold onto either the front grip of his unique assualt rifle, or the grip of the ‘shotgun’ (which is actually this rifle: It gives the tank a nice secondary weapon, and personally, I’m using mine as a computer controlled drone.

    “The Rise of COBRA version of Cobra Commander is NOT your dad’s COBRA Commander. ”
    I’d wager that most Joe fans’ dads didn’t have a Cobra Commander at all, or if they did, it was Marvel Comics’s Baron Strucker.

  3. Thanks for that info…I don’t have Cover Girl or Breaker’s launcher yet, so I didn’t even realize that. Good to know about the machine gun, too. Thanks!

  4. Hasbro released almost all the waves at once, here in the philippines. Even the 1st wave of target exclusives, I got to mention though that there are a few differences, my cobra commander doesnt have the 2 holes at the chest, and accelerator suit duke doesnt come with his helmet.

  5. Actually… you DO have Breaker’s launcher. Sgt. Stone comes with the same one.

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