Royal Purple website features some great information on Rise of COBRA vehicles

I think this website for the Royal Purple/G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA promotion has been up for a while, but for some reason, we’re just noticing the vehicles section.  But this vehicle section is absolutely bad ass.  It has some great images and details for the vehicles featured in the film, many of which we haven’t heard of before!  I’ve mirrored the images below for the following vehicles:

  • Brawler – An innocuous looking van on the outside, with high tech surveillance and weapons systems on the inside
  • Attack Helicopter – No name, just looks like a generic military assault copter
  • Howler – The VTOL troop transport that carries the Joe team through the air
  • RHINO – An armored Humvee looking thing
  • Rockslide – Familiar snowmobile attack vehicle that we’ve seen in toy form already
  • Scarab – The “Steel Crusher” going by its original name
  • Spyder – A very futuristic looking motorcycle (that looks a lot cooler than the upcoming “Snarler”)

The vehicles page can be found here with some nice details on these various weapons of war, and again, all images are mirrored below.

7 thoughts on “Royal Purple website features some great information on Rise of COBRA vehicles

  1. imagine it…vipers attacking the pit. brenden fraser, as sgt. stone, enters the fray on the Spyder…and hopefully takes a hail of bullets.
    stones a big enough character to have a dramatic effect if he dies.

  2. That “Spyder” is actually a reverse trike (2 wheels up front, one in the rear). Looks like a Piaggio (sp?), but there are other manufacturers. They’re being touted as “super-handling” and the Piaggio I test rode certainly handled on rails… loads of fun! Geekily, I’m a little bummed we don’t get a toy version of that 2-seater Rockslide.

  3. The Spyder was also in TF: ROTF, as well. They must have not gotten the rights to the Apache Longbow, as that’s what the helicopter is (or at least, it’s some form of the Apache).

    I’d totally dig a Howler, man. I’m hoping we get that soon, or at least, at all.

  4. Seriously, enough with the rehash garbage. Give us the rest of these vehicles in the toy-line.

    We got the Scarab under a different name, and the Rockslide, and I’m pretty sure the Helicopter set with Wild Bill is supposed to represent the Attack Helicopter here, but if the Has’ really wants to see this line fly, they need to give us some fresh vehicles and stop burning budget retooling twenty year-old molds.

  5. I find myself a bit disappointed that the Rockslide toy doesn’t match the Rockslide in the film. I would’ve loved for it to be a two-seater with more missiles on it.

    And Hasbro had better give us a Can-Am Spyder or there will be hell to pay.

    RHINO’d be nice too.

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