New Target Exclusive vehicles revealed with some great vintage retools!

New_Target_Mini_VehiclesShin Densetsu over on breaks the news that there are some apparently new Target Exclusives on the horizon featuring some great  vintage vehicles making their first re-appearence in a long while!  These exclusives are:

  • COBRA Viper Commando w/ Serpent Armor
  • Wet Suit w/ Dragonfish
  • Storm Shadow w/ Arashikage Cycle
  • Air-Viper w/ Rocket Pack

The Serpent Armor appears to be a black repaint of the SNAKE Armor from the 80’s, and done up in a paint scheme similar to how they make their appearences in the upcoming video game.  It’s tough to tell how the Viper Commando is changed, but he must be painted a bit differently.  Wet Suit is in an apparent gray and black uniform, that almost looks like it might be the rumored “Wet Down” that was seen on eBay a little while ago.  Storm Shadow in the red trim is the repaint we’ve seen here and there, and we’re getting yet another Air-Viper/Strato-Viper repaint, but with a very odd choice. The COBRA Jet Pack that hasn’t made an appearence since 1987.  This seems like a bit of an odd choice, it’s never been a fan favorite, but it’s still cool to see.  Just goes to show that nothing is off the table.

I’m astounding by the sheer volume of product that appears to be coming out this year…and we are just barely approaching ComicCon.  I only hope that if there’s not much new revealed in San Diego that the fandom doesn’t get in an uproar with Hasbro…after all, there’s a TON of stuff they would have debuted there had images not leaked before hand.  Let’s all keep things in perspective.  ;)

  • M6D

    SNAKE Armor! Nice. I’ll be grabbing multiples of those.

  • Holy blackened SNAKE Armor Batman!! I’m going to be getting myself four of that set for certain! In black too, ooooo!

    The Ninja Cycle & Dragonfish have foot peg tooling for pre-25th styled feet, so they will be re-tooled for the first time I guess. They’re really nice portable vehicles, if on the smallish side, but loads of fun.

    The 1987 Jetpack is a head scratcher, but I’ll bet they had plans for the 25th for this one and then diverted it here. Pretty sweet and with a nice hard to army build figure too!

    Hasbro will be pleased with sales I think.

  • I don’t seeing the 87 jet pack reappear. However, I draw the line at that weird Battle Barge thingy.

    I’m definately game for the SNAKE. Might pick up the Dragonfish. All depends on if I can grab the Cobra Island 7-packs.

  • Carlos

    I want more and MORE!!!

    Hasbro better show off some INTENSE NEW stuff at SDCC! ;)

  • DistantFred

    I know it’s a bit early to call it off of these pictures, as they are small and blurry, but it looks like Wetsuit/Wetdown may have lost the Flash helmet he had on eBay, and the Viper Commando looks like it might have a Neo-Viper vest instead of the turtle gut of the single carded one.

    That Air-Viper actually turned up in the first batch of the “Target Exclusive” auctions on eBay, along with Grand Slam and the Green/purple AVAC.

  • notpicard

    The Viper figure with the SNAKE looks like it may be this one:

  • Good call, notpicard! I think you’re on the money. That’s one bad ass looking Neo-Viper. I think that SNAKE set will be very desirable.


  • Actually I know a few people that ordered “Wetdown” from the Ebay sellers and he didnt come with the helmet then… was a mistake in the pic….