Brand new G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA TV Spot is online!

Big thanks to SNAKE EYES from for letting us know that a new TV Spot has been uploaded to YouTube via  There’s actually a decent amount of new footage in this one, too, showing some more straight-up military stuff here and there.  Also gotta love the shot of the Howler taking off from an Aircraft Carrier…  hmmm…

Anyway, check out the embedded awesome below:

GeneralsJoes Rise of COBRA Reviews are locked and loaded!

I’ll warn you right up front…  the Rise of COBRA reviews are going to be pretty frenetic as I kind of scoop up figures here and there, but for better or worse, the first five figure reviews are uploaded now!  Check out the brand spanking new Rise of COBRA Reviews Page with links to all of the reviews I’ve posted so far:

Overall, I’m quite impressed.  There are plenty of kinks to still work out, but by and large, these figures have retained the increased mobility and articulation of the Anniversary figures, but are infinitely more “playable”, the feel more durable, and more interactive.  All the benefits of the Anniversary styling, with a fraction of the drawbacks from a “toy” perspective.  Yeah…I’m definitely impressed.

I think once Hasbro kinds of burns through the typical Reactive Armor look and the various shades of blacks and grays, the design aesthetic could get VERY cool, and I think the best is still to come.  I’ll be looking forward to it, and I’ll be looking forward to doing the reviews for it.

G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA Review Page

The Rise of COBRA Motion Picture Review

The Rise of COBRA Video Game Review



Wave 5

  1. Duke (City Strike)
  2. Ripcord (Jungle Assault)
  3. Snake Eyes (City Strike)
  4. Desert-Viper (Desert Battle)

Wave 4

  1. Charbroil
  2. Kamakura
  3. Nano-Viper
  4. Night Adder
  5. Red Fang Ninja

Collection 2 – Wave 3

  1. Agent  Helix
  2. Flash
  3. General Hawk
  4. Pit Commando
  5. Arctic Snake Eyes
  6. Cobra Eel
  7. Crimson Neo-Viper
  8. Elite-Viper

Collection 1 – Wave 3

  1. Duke (Accelerator Suit)
  2. Ripcord (Reactive Armor)
  3. Baroness (Paris Pursuit)
  4. Rex “The Doctor” Lewis
  5. Storm Shadow (Arctic Assault)

Collection 2 – Wave 2

  1. Cover Girl
  2. Heavy Duty (Reactive Armor)
  3. Sgt. Stone

Collection 1 – Wave 2

  1. Duke (Reactive Armor)
  2. Scarlett (Reactive Armor)
  3. Snake Eyes (Paris Pursuit)
  4. Cobra Commander
  5. Ice-Viper
  6. Storm Shadow (Paris Pursuit)

Collection 2 – Wave 1

  1. Breaker
  2. Heavy Duty (Weapons Specialist)
  3. Ripcord (Accelerator Suit)
  4. Scarlett (Covert Ops)
  5. Shipwreck
  6. Viper Commando

Collection 1 – Wave 1

  1. Duke (Desert Ambush)
  2. Snake Eyes
  3. Baroness
  4. Destro
  5. Neo-Viper


Bravo Class – Wave 1

  1. Cobra Gunship
  2. Steel Crusher

Bravo Class – Wave 2

  1. Dragonhawk XH1 w/ Wild Bill

Alpha Class – Wave 2

  1. Sky Sweeper Jet w/ Air Raid
  2. Snarler Cycle w/ Rollbar and Beachhead
  3. Mantis Attack Craft w/ Aqua Viper Officer

Alpha Class – Wave 3

  1. Lava Pod w/ Volcano Viper
  2. Desert Rockslide w/ Dusty
  3. Tiger Claw w/ Leatherneck
  4. Polar Sharc Sub w/ Ice Storm

Rip Attack Vehicles

  1. Jet Storm Cycle w/ Snake Eyes
  2. Tiger Snake w/ Street Viper


Toys “R” Us

  1. Attack on The Pit
  2. HQ for Heroes Firefly
  3. HQ for Heroes Bench Press
  4. HQ for Heroes Snow Serpent
  5. HQ for Heroes Doc
  6. HQ for Heroes Shipwreck
  7. G.I. Joe Troop Builder 5-Pack
  8. Cobra Troop Builder 5-Pack
  9. Sting Raider w/ Copperhead & Swamp Viper


  1. Rescue Mission
  2. Past and Present Rockslide w/ Snow Job
  3. Serpent Armor / Viper Commando


  1. Heatseeker Missile Launcher w/ Scrap Iron & Neo-Viper
  2. Outpost Defender w/ Roadblock & Tripwire
  3. Laser Artillery Weapon w/ Grand Slam and General Hawk
  4. Cobra Surveillance Port w/ MARS Officer and Tele-Viper

San Diego ComicCon

  1. James McCullen

MWCToys reviews G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA Shipwreck

Renowned toy reviewer Michael Crawford has posted a review of the recently released Rise of COBRA Shipwreck figure, and he loves what he sees.  It averages at least three stars (out of four) in most categories, and even hits four stars in some spots.  He’s got some pretty neat images to go along with it.  Check out the review here.

More new images emerge for G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA film

Along with the three images I revealed Saturday, half a dozen more have come to light courtesy of AceShowBiz.  Curious also how one of their images is simply a cropped version of one I showed before, with Scarlett removed…not sure what’s up with that.

Regardless, check out their story here, and the images are mirrored below.