Images of upcoming exclusives emerge…

As SanDiego ComicCon grows closer more and more secrets continue to be uncovered prior to the “official” reveal…  this time credit The Terror Drome for uncovering some pictures of the upcoming Toys “R” Us Exclusive “Attack on the Pit”, Target Exclusive “Rescue Mission”, and the Target Exclusive “Past and Present” boxed set, which is a new one to us.

Attack on the Pit is a very nice looking set featuring Duke, Ripcord, Pit Commando, a Neo-Viper repaint and a Neo-Viper Officer, who looks awesome in the MARS Officer webgear!

We’d already knew about the Rescue Mission 4-Pack, but we get some additional pictures here of the set, which includes Snake Eyes, Duke, and two Neo-Viper repaints.

Lastly, a previous rumored set, but with no details, we get some pictures and details of the “Past and Present” set which apparently is a two pack of Snow Jobs with two Rockslides, one new one, and one what looks to be the Polar Battle Bear from the vintage days.

I gotta say, seeing all of these Neo-Vipers scattered in all of these various sets, the figure is really growing on me…and it appears even if you just buy a few exclusives this year you’ll get yourself a nice little squad!  Thanks again to HissCommander of The Terror Drome for the info.

6 thoughts on “Images of upcoming exclusives emerge…

  1. hmm… I really thought that Attack on the PIT was going to be the one with Footloose. I guess that just means we’re getting more exclusives! I’ll have to grab the Target one to get those SE straps and a chance to get a vintage looking Polar Battle Bear? I’m in, although I don’t see these P&P packs being huge movers. It’s a really cool idea, but it’ll be the only o-ring figure we’ve gotten in years.

  2. How peculiar that Hasbro would release an ARAH figure, of Snow Job no less…

    You’d think they’d do, like, Duke or Snake-Eyes or something for a “past & present” set rather than someone peripheral like Snow Job…

    What’s even more intriguing is that they restored his original biceps rather than use the same BAT biceps the mold has used since 1997.

  3. Well… that takes care of a lot of the other leaked figures; the brown Snow-Job, Green Zartan B, and the Breaker repaint Duke and Ripcord are placed. Now we’re down to like… 3 Storm Shadows with various levels of red deco, that black and silver Neo-Viper, and the Python Tele-viper.

    Jay- If I recall correctly, the Then and Now packs are supposed to be an assortment.
    There may be others coming that we don’t yet know about.
    Maybe Storm Shadow and some small Cobra vehicle?
    Scarlett with the RAM and with the Snarler (and the green Pilot repaint?)

  4. The Past & Present idea I think is a very cool concept. Personally my fingers are crossed for a Buzz Boar/Mole Pod set.

  5. I realized later on that the Rockslide is actually in different colors from the regular release, replacing all those shades of blue with whites and greys. That is awesome, and I will definitely get this set now.

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