Sale at Toys “R” Us this week will save some cash on Rise of COBRA!

The sale going on next week at Toys “R” Us has been fairly widely reported, but we get word again from Master Chief (via HelaViper on the Coil Club) that there is a current sale going on this week as well!  The sale items are as follows:

BRAVO vehicles=$19.99
Action Battlers=$9.99
12″ figures= $11.99
costumes= -$5 off (sorry forgot the price)

So if you’re looking for any above items, jump on it!  Next week the figures go for crazy prices (2 for $9.99)!  Check out those details in a previous article here.

New Rise of COBRA posters available on

tkprime from the MS Gulf Coast Collectors’ Club has come through with a neat link on HissTank to, and in that link we get a cool glimpse of some Rise of COBRA themed posters, including one done up by famed comic book artist J Scott Campbell!  There are also a couple of other live action style posters that we haven’t seen yet.  Check out the link here, and check out the mirrored images below.

More “shorts stuff” from Alexx, this time the COBRA Gunship

When I first saw the COBRA Gunship in person at the Toy Fair in New York, I couldn’t have been less impressed.  It looked basically like a silver slab of metal that just gets tossed through the air with no real means of propulsion or maneuvering.  Well, none of that has changed, yet somehow, I’ve altered my feelings on the Gunship from “meh” to “gotta have it right now, dammit when is my BBTS order gonna get here, I’m dying over here!!!”

I’m not sure exactly why that is, whether it was Duck’s review over on JBL, or that it’s getting so much action in the trailers and TV spots.  I’m easily swayed like that.  :shifty:

At any rate, I’m really looking forward to getting the goofy thing in my hands right now, but Alexx’s pictures ease that pain just a little.  Check out the thread here, and the images below.

Interview with Stephen Sommers in August issue of Sci Fi Magazine

Apparently the August issue of Sci Fi Magazine had an interview with G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA director Stephen Sommers regarding the making of the film, the tone, etc…  xhairs was kind enough to transcribe the entire interview, and it’s presented below.

A HUGE thanks to xhairs for going through all of this trouble!




The battle between G.I. Joe and the mysterious Cobra organization is taking place just southeast of Los Angeles. The whole area is littered with armored vehicles, caverns, explosions, rocket launchers, secret laboratories, and even a couple of manned submarines. What’s strange is that the entire scene is completely bloodless. There are no dead bodies and all of the people who are walking around the scene seem to be having a good time…

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Images of upcoming exclusives emerge…

As SanDiego ComicCon grows closer more and more secrets continue to be uncovered prior to the “official” reveal…  this time credit The Terror Drome for uncovering some pictures of the upcoming Toys “R” Us Exclusive “Attack on the Pit”, Target Exclusive “Rescue Mission”, and the Target Exclusive “Past and Present” boxed set, which is a new one to us.

Attack on the Pit is a very nice looking set featuring Duke, Ripcord, Pit Commando, a Neo-Viper repaint and a Neo-Viper Officer, who looks awesome in the MARS Officer webgear!

We’d already knew about the Rescue Mission 4-Pack, but we get some additional pictures here of the set, which includes Snake Eyes, Duke, and two Neo-Viper repaints.

Lastly, a previous rumored set, but with no details, we get some pictures and details of the “Past and Present” set which apparently is a two pack of Snow Jobs with two Rockslides, one new one, and one what looks to be the Polar Battle Bear from the vintage days.

I gotta say, seeing all of these Neo-Vipers scattered in all of these various sets, the figure is really growing on me…and it appears even if you just buy a few exclusives this year you’ll get yourself a nice little squad!  Thanks again to HissCommander of The Terror Drome for the info.