One-18th continues the Rise of COBRA review train with COBRA Commander!

Picking up right where they left off, has posted the latest review in their weeklong G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA release event!  Some great images and interesting insight from Smokescreen, the admin.

Check out the full review here, and I’ve also mirrored a number of images below.

  • Cobra Commander

    Why God? WHY?

  • Nas

    So, is this the “final” version? Cuz all the ones I’ve seen locally have the holes in the chest that are supposed to connect to hoses in the back of the head…this figure doesn’t have them. At what point did the design change? (And, btw, there are spaces in the packing plastic for the hoses, but…no hoses!)

  • Kitchen Viper

    I wish they had a more traditional version of Cobra Commander in the movie, but as a figure he seems okay. I’ll prolly pass him up tho. If he were a new character I’d like it more, but to me, CC is the guy with the mirror faceplate and blue helmet; this fella just strikes me as a bionic emo kid…

  • Kitchen Viper

    BTW, this is my favorite Cobra Commander figure, and the new Destro from the movie looks so awesome next to him; their uniforms really compliment…