Paris Pursuit Storm Shadow is the next stop at

Another day, another daily Rise of COBRA review by Smokescreen, admin over at!  This time around he covers the extremely awesome looking Paris Pursuit Storm Shadow.  At first glance this figure looks rather superfluous, but after seeing him in action in various trailers and TV spots, this is a figure I GOTTA have!

Check out the mini hosted gallery below, complete with a link to the full review (which has a lot more pictures!).  Good stuff.

Zak! Designs shows a huge licensing presence for The Rise of COBRA

Zak! Designs, which is a company who specializes in dinnerware and lunch bags is jumping on the “Rise of COBRA” bandwagon, clearly visible by their website here.  As the months go on, fully expect to be absolutely inundated with G.I. Joe product from every aisle and corner of the store.  I love this stuff!

Reviews of Rockslide and MolePod on The Terror Drome

Picking up where he left off with the Night Raven, Terror Drome staff member Dark 5cythe has come through with some very nice pictorial reviews of the Alpha class vehicles from the first assortment of The Rise of COBRA figures.  I’ve mirrored a few of the images below, but also definitely hit up the links for the full allotment of images and the nicely written reviews!

Rockslide w/ Snow Job

COBRA Mole Pod w/ Terra-Viper

G.I. Joe: 25th Anniversary Reviews

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  1. Sgt. Slaughter (SDCC Exclusive)
  2. Dial Tone (GIJCC Exclusive)
  3. Zarana (SDCC Exclusive)
  4. Zarana (Variant)
  5. Jinx (SDCC Exclusive)
  6. Jinx (White Variant)
  7. “Shockwave” HISS Tank (SDCC Exclusive)

2009 Wave 1 (Wave 13)

  1. Blowtorch
  2. COBRA Commander (Resolute)
  3. COBRA Trooper (Resolute)
  4. Duke (Resolute)
  5. Firefly
  6. Torch

2008 Wave 8 (Wave 12)

  1. COBRA Diver
  2. COBRA Trooper
  3. Crimson Guard (Python Patrol)
  4. Ninja Viper
  5. Ripper
  6. Tripwire (w/ Desert Element)

2008 Wave 7 (Wave 11)

  1. COBRA Eel
  2. Flint (COBRA Disguise)
  3. Scarlett (v10)
  4. Specialist Trakker
  5. Sgt. Airborne (v3)
  6. Zartan (v14)

2008 Wave 6 (Wave 10)

  1. COBRA Bazooka Trooper
  2. Croc Master
  3. Duke (Tiger Force)
  4. Mutt & Junkyard
  5. COBRA Para-Viper
  6. Mercenary Wraith

2008 Wave 5 (Wave 9)

  1. Barbecue
  2. Battle Android Trooper
  3. Bazooka
  4. General Hawk
  5. Ninja-Ku Leader
  6. Snow Serpent

2008 Wave 4 (Wave 8)

  1. Baroness
  2. Cobra Commander
  3. Major Bludd
  4. Python Patrol Officer
  5. Roadblock v2
  6. Snake Eyes
  7. Tiger Force Flint

2008 Wave 3 (Wave 7)

  1. Cobra HISS Driver
  2. Cobra Viper
  3. Duke (Jet Pack)
  4. Snake Eyes v3
  5. Spirit
  6. Wild Bill

2008 Wave 2 (Wave 6)

  1. Cobra Commander (Armored)
  2. Lt Torpedo
  3. Sgt. Rock ‘n Roll

2008 Wave 1 (Wave 5)

  1. Crimson Guard
  2. Destro (Iron Grenadier)
  3. Sgt. Flash
  4. Snake Eyes (Black)
  5. Snow Job

25th Anniversary 2007 Wave 4 (Because this was a total re-release wave, it was consolidated into a single review for all figures)

2007 Wave 3

  1. Firefly
  2. Red Ninja
  3. Shipwreck
  4. Stalker
  5. Zartan

2007 Wave 2

  1. Beachhead
  2. Buzzer
  3. COBRA Trooper
  4. Lady Jaye
  5. Serpentor

2007 Wave 1

  1. Cobra Commander v2
  2. COBRA Officer
  3. Flint
  4. Snake Eyes v.2
  5. Storm Shadow v.2

Hall of Heroes (2009)

  1. Snake Eyes
  2. Firefly
  3. Cobra B.A.T.
  4. Storm Shadow
  5. Beachhead
  6. Cobra Viper
  7. Crimson Guard
  8. Flint
  9. Zartan
  10. Snake Eyes

  1. Assault on COBRA Island
    Hit and Run
    SPC Altitude
  2. Defense of COBRA Island
    Dr. Mindbender
    Night Creeper
  3. COBRA Battle Pack #3
  4. COBRA Battle Pack #2 (COBRA Legions)
  5. COBRA Battle Pack #1
    COBRA Commander
    Storm Shadow
    COBRA Trooper
  1. G.I. Joe Battle Pack #2
  2. G.I. Joe Battle Pack #1
    Agent Scarlett


    Gung Ho


    Snake Eyes
  1. DVD Battle Pack #5 (Best of the 80’s)
  2. DVD Battle Pack #4 (Pyramids of Darkness)
  3. DVD Battle Pack #3 (Arise, Serpentor, Arise)
  4. DVD Battle Pack #2 (Revenge of COBRA)
  5. DVD Battle Pack #1 (The MASS Device)
  1. Extreme Conditions: Arctic Assault Squad
  2. Extreme Conditions: Desert Assault Squad




Wave 8 

  1. Resolute Issue #1 (Shockblast vs. Destro)
  2. Resolute Issue # 2 (Tunnel Rat vs. Storm Shadow)

Wave 6

  1. Issue #10 (Hardmaster & Snake Eyes)
  2. Issue #11 (Beachhead & Dataframe)
  3. Issue #12 (Wild Bill vs. Scrap Iron)

Wave 5

  1. Issue #7 (Destro & Iron Grenadier)
  2. Issue #8 (Lt. Falcon Vs. Nemesis Immortal)
  3. Issue #9 (Tripwire Vs. COBRA Commander)

Wave 4

  1. Issue #4 (Firefly vs. Storm Shadow)
  2. Issue #5 (Shipwreck vs. Copperhead)
  3. Issue #6 (Duke vs. Red Star)

Wave 3

  1. Issue #21.5 (Snake Eyes vs. Storm Shadow)
  2. Issue #32.5 (Crimson Guard & COBRA Officer)
  3. Issue #36.5 (Tomax & Xamot)
  4. Issue #115 (Ace vs. Wild Weasel)

Wave 2

  1. Issue #14 (Breaker vs. Destro)
  2. Issue #30 (Ripper & Torch)

Wave 1

  1. Issue #1 (Hawk & Agent Scarlett)
  2. Issue #21 (Snake Eyes vs. Storm Shadow)
  3. Issue #24 (Duke vs. COBRA Commander)

Wave 5

  1. Cobra Stinger w/ Stinger Driver Commander
  2. Arctic HISS w/ Arctic HISS Driver

Wave 4

  1. Sting Raider w/ Copperhead

Wave 3

  1. COBRA F.A.N.G. and COBRA C.L.A.W.
  2. A.W.E. Striker w/ Leatherneck

Wave 2

  1. Firebat w/ A.V.A.C.

Wave 1

  1. Armadillo Vs. Air Chariot w/ Steeler and Serpentor
  2. RAM Vs. COBRA Flight Pod w/ Breaker and Tele-Viper
  3. G.I. Joe VAMP w/ Clutch
  4. COBRA HISS w/ HISS Driver Commander

SmallJoes Reports that COBRA Island 7-Packs are in transit!

It’s always tough to tell if the arrival date listed with the online retailers is 100% accurate, but apparently, the COBRA Island 7-Packs are indeed due to be released this month!  Check out all of the details in the SmallJoes newsletter posted below.

* * * * * * * * * [ SMALLJOES.COM NEWSLETTER ] * * * * * * * * * *


Continue reading

SDCC Exclusives available in limited numbers at JoeCon 2009

The GIJoe Collectors Club newsletter has started to arrive in member’s home, and a  small tidbit of information should make convention goers very happy.  Folks who are fired up about the SDCC Destro (or the 12″ Baroness for that matter) but cannot make it out to San Diego will have an opportunity to buy the movie accurate Destro at JoeCon in August!

There is no indication of exactly how many will be available, but there will be something anyway.  Good luck to all who attend!

SmallJoes launches COBRA Island 7-Pack pre-orders!

Looks like today was the day… has launched their pre-orders for the upcoming Assault of COBRA Island and Defense of COBRA Island 7-Packs.

I’m hoping there’s enough of these to go around, I have no doubt they will be in huge demand!

Latest G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA TV Spot in HD!

Man, I just can’t watch these enough.  Totally rocking.  Checking out these trailers and tv spots while tooling around with action figures that look like they were pulled straight from the screen…  awesome!

Apex deluxe display case for 1:18 scale figures reviewed!

For whatever reason the Anniversary line turned me into a “display guy”.  I was always all about the playability, and not really how figures looked on the shelf, but when the Anniversary line hit its stride, I suddenly had an urge to make various shelf displays of certain figures.  All the cartoon-themed folks together, a nice little COBRA army…even the Iron Grenadiers.  Don’t ask me why, I just felt compelled.

But of course, finding a spot was tough, and keeping the spot clean was even tougher.  I have black bookcases which would become dust magnets within minutes of setting up the damn figures!  Well, recently announced that they’re distributing a unique display case tailor-made for 1:18 figures.  It’s clear poly-styrene, stackable, a managable size, and locks together in such a way that it almost eliminates dust altogether.  I just had to check it out.

Then, once I checked it out, I loved it so much I just had to do a review of it to show other folks what they were missing if they didn’t have one.  Priced at a very reasonable $24.99 for the entire set (and only $9.99 if you just want the “steps”) I think this is a must have for any fans of 1:18 scale figures.

Check out the full review here, and if you like it, be sure to head over to SmallJoes and pick one up for yourself!

The day we’ve been waiting for – COBRA ISLAND 7-PACKS UP FOR PRE-ORDER AT BBTS!!

Hallelujah!  BigBadToyStore has officially posted pre-orders for the Assault and Defense of COBRA Island 7-Packs!!

Check out the pre-order links below: