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HissTank has posted some new boxed images of upcoming G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA vehicles.  We’ve seen most of this before in pre-production form, but a lot of the figures were swapped around and no one really knew their proper names.  Well, now we know.  Pictured below is:

  • Snarler Cycle w/ Beachhead and Rollbar (the urban deco repainted Airborne)
  • Sky Sweeper w/ Air Raid (dark blue repaint of Resolute Duke w/ Jet Pack)
  • Mantis Attack Craft w/ Aqua Viper Officer (black and red Lamprey repaint w/ removable helmet)

Also pictured is the four figure Target exclusive “Rescue Mission” set.  Check out the original thread here, and the images mirrored below.

I’ve also added all of the above images to the Rise of COBRA Toy SuperPage in their appropriate places.

3 thoughts on “New images of boxed Alpha vehicles from

  1. I was hoping that Air Raid would have been Barrel Roll… oh well, he’ll be BR in my Joeverse.

  2. Snarler?? LOL What kind of name is that??

    What I like is the new characters. Air Raid. Cool name! It’s neat to see Rollbar coming back, even if it is just an Airborne repaint. It’s cool that they have two figures coming with the bike, too.

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