Looking to beat the Rise of COBRA Street Date? Try Target!

Reports are flooding in from all over the country (and all over the internet) that various nationwide Target Department Stores have started stocking G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA ahead of the scheduled street date.  I’ve personally seen reports from JoeCustoms.com, JoeSightings, HissTank, and the Coil Club.

Those of you lucky folks with a local Target (of which I’m not…) get up early tomorrow morning and start shopping!  Don’t forget to use the Target.com product locator with the DCPI number 087-06-0246 just to see what might be there.  Keep in mind, this is NOT a “be all end all” way to do it, but it might give you a good place to start.

New images of boxed Alpha vehicles from HissTank.com

HissTank has posted some new boxed images of upcoming G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA vehicles.  We’ve seen most of this before in pre-production form, but a lot of the figures were swapped around and no one really knew their proper names.  Well, now we know.  Pictured below is:

  • Snarler Cycle w/ Beachhead and Rollbar (the urban deco repainted Airborne)
  • Sky Sweeper w/ Air Raid (dark blue repaint of Resolute Duke w/ Jet Pack)
  • Mantis Attack Craft w/ Aqua Viper Officer (black and red Lamprey repaint w/ removable helmet)

Also pictured is the four figure Target exclusive “Rescue Mission” set.  Check out the original thread here, and the images mirrored below.

I’ve also added all of the above images to the Rise of COBRA Toy SuperPage in their appropriate places.

Twelve more Sideshow COBRA Commanders have come in stock

The Sideshow Collectibles news influx continues with a report that an additional twelve (12) Sideshow COBRA Commanders have fallen to lucky folks on the Wait List. If your name isn’t on the list, get on it ASAP by clicking the banner below for your chance to get this awesome looking figure. If your name is on the Wait List, this may be your lucky day…

Cobra Commander 12-Inch Figure - Sideshow Exclusive

More production images of Sideshow Collectibles COBRA Trooper

In the Newsletter along with the reveal of the COBRA Officer, Sideshow also mentions that they’ve added many images to the gallery of the upcoming COBRA Trooper figure.  While the Trooper is currently sold out, you can easily put your name on the wait list and hope that someone else falls off the pre-order list to guarantee your spot.

To check out the gallery, click here, and to be put on the wait list for the Trooper click the banner below.

Cobra Trooper 12-inch Figure

Next Sideshow 12″ Figure is the COBRA Officer!

Sideshow Collectibles latest newsletter has arrived, and as promised, there is plenty of news inside!  First, and most importantly is the revelation that the next 12″ offering from Sideshow is none other than the COBRA Officer!  They also reveal that pre-orders will begin July 9th.  In the preview, Sideshow also shows off an impressive new wallpaper that you can see below.


GIJoeCon.com updated with box art and group shot! Attendee exclusive RHINO Copter?

The G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club has updated their Convention website, GIJoeCon.com with the box art for the upcoming Crimson Strike Team Convention set as well as a group shot.  Click here to check out the update.

Most important item to note is that a crimson repaint of the RHINO helicopter is featured heavily on the box art which might indicate that it serves as the attendee exclusive this year.

Thanks to cmdrinchief of the Coil Club and JoeBattleLines for the information.

GIJoeMovie.com site gets revamp with added content

It looks like July is the month that Hasbro kicks G.I. Joe promotion into full gear.  We’ve had the announcement of the bumped up street date, the revamp of GIJoe.com, and now the film site itself gets some added bells and whistles, too.  Along with the spiffy Flash frontpage, there’s a pretty unique image gallery, some videos (nothing new so far, just the same trailers we’ve seen), and a lot of fresh wallpapers.  Hit up GIJoeMovie.com and poke around a bit!

G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA Street Date Officially Moves Up

It’s official…after much inquiry of retailers and wondering, Hasbro PR has responded to fan questions about the RoC street date:

“G.I. Joe Fans:
As if celebrating the 4th of July weren’t cause for enough excitement, imagine having early access to a slew of G.I. JOE: The Rise of Cobra figures and vehicles. Well, your wish is our command.

Hasbro is pleased to announce that the first wave G.I. JOE: The Rise of Cobra toys are going to begin to hit shelves ONE WEEK EARLY, starting Monday, July 6th.

Beginning this Monday and rolling out throughout next week, your favorite retailers will be adding G.I. JOE: The Rise of Cobra figures and vehicles to their stores. This is your opportunity to be the first to get your hands on these highly anticipated toys.

If you could help us spread the word to other G.I. JOE fans, that would be great.

Thanks and have a terrific 4th of July weekend! Yo Joe!”

Sideshow Collectibles “Let Freedom Ring” – July 2nd through the 5th

Sideshow Collectibles is proud to announce their “Let Freedom Ring” event, and has announced their event here.  Along with this event, they’ve shown a product “tease” for an upcoming 12″ figure, and the character is pretty much a no-brainer.

Check out the image below, Sideshow promises to reveal the figure at San Diego ComicCon.


Thanks to JT for his comments in the comment field notifying me of this!

Sideshow promises exciting G.I. Joe news coming today…

I’m not sure how much I’ll be online throughout the day, but Sideshow’s Twitter feed just revealed that “Our newsletter will be full of exciting news about G.I. Joe, Marvel and much more!  Be sure to check-it out later today!”

So any Sideshow Collectible members, keep your eyes open for the newsletter today.  I’ll report on the findings here as soon as I get them!  Sideshow is one of those things that I am currently loving from afar.  I got my hands on a Snake Eyes, and I LOVE it, but I haven’t been able to squirrel away enough cash to think about getting any others at the moment.  Still, though, I look forward to any news about future releases, hopefully we’ll hear something cool today.