Possible Target Exclusive 4-Pack on the horizon?

Thanks to SNAKE EYES from HissTank.com for pointing out some images that are leaking out there of four figures that are being labelled as a Target Exclusive “Rescue Mission” 4-Pack.  This pack appears to include:

  • Duke (Spandex shirt with camouflage pants)
  • Snake Eyes (Resolute body YES!! w/ Paris Pursuit Snake Eyes head)
  • 2 Neo-Vipers

I’ve mirrored the images below.  This info, of course, should be taken with a grain of salt as it is currently unconfirmed.  San Diego ComicCon should provide tons of verified information about what’s coming the rest of the year.

Another item of note is another Neo-Viper repaint, this time in black and silver.  You can see that image below:


4 thoughts on “Possible Target Exclusive 4-Pack on the horizon?

  1. Man, Hasbro is really expecting people to like the Neo-Viper, huh?

    This is what, the sixth colour variant that’s leaked out?

    And that’s without taking into consideration that most of the mold is shared with the MARS Troopers, and Viper Commandos.

  2. NO! Resolute SE body without Resolute SE head means less chance for a proper Resolute SE, doesn’t it? I dunno. I just want a proper Resolute SE.

  3. I kinda like the new SE. I think my only complaint about the fig is the scabbard is too big.
    I really hate that Hasbro is packing in such cool figs with crappier ones.

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