Hasbro Q & A Round 3 submissions are now open!

As The Rise of COBRA hurtles towards us, Hasbro continues on the Q & A train, with the next round of submissions due Saturday, July 4th by noon.  Use the comments section to submit some requests, and we’ll gather together three to send along.

4 thoughts on “Hasbro Q & A Round 3 submissions are now open!

  1. hasbro question….

    in terms of figure rotation/availibility….is ROC going to see better figure rotation as far as case asst. goes?
    e.g. if i see all the pit commando figures are sold….will i be waiting months to see him again?

  2. 1- I understand Your wanting to maximize cost effectiveness by using existing molds when possible to create figures, But isn’t there a better way of using them Leatherneck for example could have used different boots like Duke’s rather than the “Snow Boots” he came out with.
    2-We have gotten Grunt,Grandslam,Shortfuze and Zap as exclusives only are there ant plans to release these figures mass retail maybe with new tooling instead of a repaint of another figure?

  3. 1. Fan reviews of the upcoming Rise of COBRA toys have played an important part in the line’s acceptance by the fandom, as the reviewers’ opinions and photos have prompted some members of the community who otherwise might not buy movie toys to do so. With this in mind, would it be possible to set some sort of program with the fansites in which one member is chosen to receive and review G.I. Joe toys a few weeks before it arrives in stores? While this idea runs the risk of a product getting a bad review, it would also allow Hasbro to see which toys fans are more likely to buy and help influence the fandom to spend more money on Joes.
    2. Is there any chance that the reactive armor figures could be repainted in their “classic” color schemes?

  4. 1- The spring loaded missile launchers in the RoC line are quite large, and quite a bit larger than similar spring launchers included in recent Star Wars and Transformers figures. Can you explain why it was decided to make them as large as they are?

    2- Will the Alley Viper coming with the Cobra Fury come with the same weapons as the Defense of Cobra Island version of the figure? If not, will there be another release in the RoC line that will?

    2- Have any of the unused Resolute molds found away into the RoC line aside from the recently leaked Snake-Eyes and the Cobra repaint of Resolute Roadblock?

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