Flashback Review Update – COBRA 5-Pack #3

Once again, BigBadToyStore comes through with sponsoring another “Flashback Review” this time around, for the second COBRA 5-Pack with COBRA Commander, Storm Shadow, the Baroness, Zartan, and COBRA Viper.

Is it as good as the Joe one?  Is it worth buying at all?  Check out the review right here!  Also, stay tuned as the Rise of COBRA street date looms…BBTS will be sponsoring all my new reviews as well, so expect an onslaught once those hit retail!

2 thoughts on “Flashback Review Update – COBRA 5-Pack #3

  1. “With the Baroness, we don’t get “bang”, we get a full-blown 10 megaton bomb for our buck, as this figure is, without hesitation or equivocation, one of the best female figures I have seen in this scale ever.”

    Dude, I hate to tell ya, actually, I love to tell ya, but that this Baroness simply doesn’t hold a candle to Helix. Just wait till you get your hands on that figure!

  2. hasbro has forever earned my ire for the way they cluster-humped the viper and not fixing it, and having the one they DID fix not available at reatil (well, single-packed anyway). i still say this would NEVER have happened with a star wars figure…

    as for the pack itself, i bought it. a much improved baroness, a much improved viper, a more comic-accurate stormy and it was the only way ive been able to get a zartan without paying crazy prices online. so im relatively happy with it

    the sad/weird thing is, with this pack i was able to almost completely replace the original 5-pack with better figures. the only original figure i didnt replace somewhere along the line in the past two years was the trooper (or officer, whichever one it was)

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