Art for unpublished IDW G.I. Joe book posted on

ComicArtFans member Shane Simek has posted 8 pages of lineart from an unpublished #0 issue that eventually got dumped for the story IDW went with when the format of the Joe book changed in production.

With art by Robert Atkins and a story written by Larry Hama, some of the stuff looks a lot more retro in nature, with some really dramatic action sequences as well, especially for only an 8-page layout.  Check out the great images right here.

New image of single-packed General Hawk shows some accessories

An image has popped up in some of the usual spots of the upcoming single-packed General Hawk figure due for release in the Rise of COBRA line.  This figure is considerably different than the version that comes with The Pit, but I don’t believe we have seen any accessories for him yet.  Well, this new image is a packaged sample of this figure…showing a jetpack!  A very cool touch, and a nice homage to the 1991 version.  Figure actually looks really cool.

Check out the image below!


BigBadToyStore has begun posting Rise of COBRA Pre-Orders…

Starting off slow as the “Street Date” approaches, the Big Bad Toy Store has posted pre-orders for the upcoming Rise of COBRA Night Raven and G.I. Joe playset The Pit!  Check out the sure-to-be growing Rise of COBRA section here!

Buckle your seatbelts, like it or not, The Rise of COBRA is coming quick.

Flashback Review Update – COBRA 5-Pack #3

Once again, BigBadToyStore comes through with sponsoring another “Flashback Review” this time around, for the second COBRA 5-Pack with COBRA Commander, Storm Shadow, the Baroness, Zartan, and COBRA Viper.

Is it as good as the Joe one?  Is it worth buying at all?  Check out the review right here!  Also, stay tuned as the Rise of COBRA street date looms…BBTS will be sponsoring all my new reviews as well, so expect an onslaught once those hit retail!

Hasbro Q & A Round 3 submissions are now open!

As The Rise of COBRA hurtles towards us, Hasbro continues on the Q & A train, with the next round of submissions due Saturday, July 4th by noon.  Use the comments section to submit some requests, and we’ll gather together three to send along.