Because No One Demanded it – My Review for Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen

I know folks come here for G.I. Joe news and perspective, but as regular visitors know, I delve into other things from time to time.  Considering that last night I devoted 5 hours of my life to drive down to the nearest IMax theater and spend 2.5 hours with Michael Bay’s most recent Transformers film, I figured maybe it was worth a few more minutes of time to talk about it, since I’m sure many of my regular readers have an interest in this property as well.

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Certain Rise of COBRA toys are IN STOCK at!!

With big thanks to The Commander for posting on that has certain Rise of COBRA toys in stock now!  There’s a large number of figures listed, and not all are in stock, but many of them are including:

Who knows if this is an oversight?  If it is, jump on it now, looks like the time is coming!

Australia sees Rise of COBRA toys hit retail

Along with Canada, new G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA action figures have begun spreading across Australia!  Thanks to Mr. Arashikage of the Skymates Australian G.I. Joe Collectors‘ forum for the report, with pictoral confirmation over on

Go get ’em!