Rumored Toys “R” Us 3-Packs are Senior Ranking Officer packs?

A few days ago we reported that a group of revealed repaints were being reported as parts of Toys “R” Us 3-Packs, and we now have further elaboration on that.  Apparently these are part of some new “Senior Ranking Officer” packs, and an image of these appears over on The Terror Drome.  I’ve also mirrored the image below.


  • M6D

    I can’t wait for that Joe set! Lt Stone is going to be a fan favorite. Mark it.

  • Alexx

    Those are totaly must-buys! Each figure in there is fantastic, and I will take any chance I can get to have that Destro sculpt. I imagine that either that blue one or the grey one will be a Destro…the other will be someone else, and any other time they repaint that mold I’ll have a new suited villain!