Carded and boxed images of various Rise of COBRA items

A few different images of carded and boxed items from the upcoming G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA line have started popping up over at the Terror Drome and  So far we have an Arctic Assault Snake Eyes, a COBRA Para-Viper repaint, and the Dragonhawk XH1 w/ Wild Bill!  I’m a bit disappointed that the Para-Viper is a single card, normal release, I was kind of hoping that would fall under an exclusive umbrella somewhere, but we’ll see.  They can’t all be winners, I guess.  ;)

Don’t get me wrong, the Para-Viper is a very nice looking figure, he just can’t really do anything besides stand there, and I’m not real sure how well his style meshes with the normal movie stuff.  Anyway, the images are hosted below.

4 thoughts on “Carded and boxed images of various Rise of COBRA items

  1. The chopper looks nice and small enough to get a few of. I wonder how it’ll look next to a Fang?

  2. I’m really loving all the new artwork for the packages. That Para-Viper pic is badass.

  3. I love those DragonHawks!!! Certainly picking one up!(Read: as much as I can lay my hands on):D

    This is version what of Snake Eyes?:P

  4. Para-Viper = best figure in the series, IMHO. The actually do a LOT, with gear off, and the gear just completes an already bad-to-the-bone package. I see these guys with web-gear off as elite troops perfectly suited for stealth missions and hard-core soldiering. The regular Vipers seemed too flashy for me, and their figures, frankly, sucked in the 25th. The para-vipers are built for stealth, speed, and all-around adaptability, and are the first figs I’ve ever Army-Built, next to my friend purchasing the arctic assault pack for my b-day. (I also LOVE the snow-serpents.) More please!

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