New images come through for updated Baroness, Storm Shadow, and the Doctor

Images are showing up in various spots online for updated versions of Doctor Lewis, “Arctic Assault” Storm Shadow, and “Paris Pursuit” Baroness, including some nice accessory shots.  This version of Doctor Lewis also seems to be different, as this version sports a full head of hair, while earlier pictures showed the figure bald.

Storm Shadow’s accessories are very cool.  I love the jetpack, though I’m sure that little dagger goes in the gauntlet, and not his big, honking sword.  Still, the figure itself looks awesome, I really hope he shows up like this at some point in the movie.  Barones is cool as well, I love that she comes so stacked with weapons!  It’s fine to hate the film at this point, but I honestly can’t understand how people can be talking down these toys…just because they don’t look like reproductions of your favorite figures from the 80’s doesn’t mean they aren’t great.  These toys are flat-out impressive!  Compare what we’re seeing here with the Indiana Jones, Star Trek, or Terminator Salvation stuff and it’s not even CLOSE.  These figures blow those out of the water.

Even if I squirm the entire two hours I’m in the theater, I can rest easy knowing that the toys look absolutely incredible, and they’ll keep me going a lot longer than the film itself.  Hell, look at Sigma 6…I hated much of that cartoon, yet the toys were incredible.  Spy Troops and Valor Vs. Venom weren’t top shelf, yet the toys were cool.  Just think about DiC, or those folks who don’t like the Sunbow stuff.  Just because the cartoon (or film in this case) isn’t your cup of tea, that doesn’t mean you can’t still love the brand and the toys…just keep an open mind!

15 thoughts on “New images come through for updated Baroness, Storm Shadow, and the Doctor

  1. The Baroness’ face looks fine in person. At least, I think it does. the pictures don’t do her a lot of justice. She’s not going to win any Miss Universe pageants, but she doesn’t look bad. I dig the Doctor figure. He looks fun! Looks a heck of a lot better than the bald headed, no shirt having Mindbender. :)

  2. it looks likes the doctors hair is removable. in the second shot of his accessories it looks like it is laying there besides the hands. this is going to be a killer figure!

  3. WOW! I love those figures, love them! That backpack that Stormie comes with and the Doctor and Baroness, wow.
    I love the outfit on the Baroness. Swap it with the recent cobra 5-pack Baroness and it looks like a success.

    The accessories are amazing!


  4. The Doctor looks like a fucking AWESOME toy that will no doubt see a lot of children lose pieces.
    But still- Swappable Claw hands? Briefcase full of glowing green jars? Nanite injector? How could you NOT like that figure. The weird claw weapon might be fun too, depending on how it works.

    Baroness: I like the lack of Cobra logos (easier to stick he into the Iron Grenadiers that way), but I hate leg disabling skirts like that. Good arsenal of guns, and her missile launcher seems like it’s one of the smaller ones, so that’s a plus.

    Arctic Storm Shadow is totally appropriately dressed for his environment! Beyond that, it does look a cool figure. How could it not be cool with that nifty a jetpack?
    I still think that we don’t know what that slot on his left arm is for, though, because even that small dagger doesn’t have the right kind of notched tab that that kind of slot works with. Given the enormous amount of gear these movie figures are coming with (they tend to have at least twice as many guns as 25A figures) I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s supposed to come with a missile launcher or some other weapon that does properly notch in.
    It’s fairly clear that his staff is supposed to have something that can fit in the tip, too.

  5. The guns are what does it for me, they are AWESOME! The Doctor will make good custom fodder, and the new Baroness will look great once I get one and put a 25th V3 head on it.

  6. If you’ve read the prequel novel “Above and Beyond”, it strongly hints at who the Doctor is. I won’t spoil it but it is right there in the book. And if I read it right could amount to a HUGE twist/mislead in the movie.

  7. If what we’ve all heard is true, the Doctor is not so secretly Cobra Commander. This isn’t really new information.

  8. is it just me.. or is hasbro trying to step its game up on the weapons? they’re almost copying marauder John!

  9. Seriously? We’re feigning ignorance now? This was revealed before shooting even began. It’s supposed to be one of the movie’s big twists. But seriously, who couldn’t see it coming a mile away, with or without an internet leak?

    I wish this movie would just burn and never be seen by anyone.

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