Five page preview for G.I. Joe #6 on JoeReloaded

Phil from was kind enough to let us know that he has posted a 5-page preview for the upcoming sixth issue of the main G.I. Joe title.  You can see the preview here, or check out the images mirrored below!

This is the issue that everyone says finally kicks the main title into gear…it certainly starts out fairly interesting, looking forward to seeing if it keeps up the pace!

Rise of COBRA toy “Street Date” bumped up

According to the Big Bad Toy Store Twitter feed, Hasbro has bumped up the street date for the Rise of COBRA toys.  Previously slated for July 11th, BBTS reports that they have heard the new release date is July 6th.

Check out their Twitter Feed here, and the G.I. Joe section here.

Awesome new character posters emerge for G.I.Joe: The Rise of COBRA

Alongside the new trailer, several different movie sites have received exclusive images of character posters, that quite frankly, kick ass.  They kick all sorts of ass.  In fact, if no one had seen any trailers, heard any rumors, or had any preconceived notions, I think they’d feel REALLY good about the direction of the film based on the sheer bad-assery of these posters.  Anyway…  The site links are below:

The images are also mirrored below.

New trailer for G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA… kind of.

A few different sites are announcing that a new extended trailer for G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA has been released, however there doesn’t look to much new footage, with the exception of a short conversation between Ripcord and Duke in their Accelerator Suits at the end.  It seems to be an amalgamation of sorts of the original trailer from a while ago, and the recent MTV TV Spot that came out a few weeks ago.  There are some very brief snippets of additional video, but nothing of major consequence.

First reported by MovieWeb, you can see the embedded video below.

Exclusive Q & A with Mark Bellomo, author of the Ultimate Guide to G.I. Joe

Anyone who has been a G.I. Joe fan for any length of time knows the name Mark Bellomo, mostly from his Ultimate Guide to G.I. Joe book.  Well, now he’s produced a Second Edition with countless improvements and additions to the content, and I highly recommend it.  In fact, it gets pretty much my highest recommendation for any Joe fan.  Even as someone who is really into the Anniversary stuff, seventeen bucks is a tiny investment for a great look “behind the curtain” of the hobby, as well as just the reference images themselves.  Buy it.  Now.

I’ve been lucky enough to know Mark for a long time, and the effort he puts into these books is impressive to say the least.  He was also kind enough to spend some time answering my pesky questions, and I’ve supplied the exclusive interview below.

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