Official Announcement – Full details for G.I. Joe Complete Series DVD Set from Shout! Factory





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G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA RHINO w/ Rampage – a Target Exclusive?

Ever since we saw the RHINO repaint at a Takara show a while ago, many U.S. based fans wondered how we might get our hands on it, especially considering that it comes with Rampage, an apparent homage to the Heavy Metal repaint from back in the day (who happens to look exactly like Heavy Metal).

Well, according to two separate sources, kennywr22 from and long time YoJoe veteran John Missal, Target’s latest insider magazine “RED” has reported that the RHINO repaint w/ Rampage will indeed be a Target exclusive.

Apparently price point and release date were not announced, but this at least gives us something to go by.

Mark Bellomo featured on Collectable Spectacle series on YouTube

Independent  filmmaker and G.I. Joe fan “Flophouse” has produced a great documentary series covering Mark Bellomo’s journey through the publishing of his second volume for the Ultimate Guide to G.I. Joe.  There are a whopping 18 total installments of this series, and they have all been posted on YouTube.  For ease of navigation, I am embedding them all below so you can watch them all from one easy spot.

A big thanks to Flophouse and Mark Bellomo for taking the time to produce this fascinating series!

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Rise of COBRA test screening review on SlashFilm

Amongst the recent hooplah over Stephen Sommers “did he or didn’t he” firing nonsense, film website /Film has posted a review of an early test screening that was done a few months ago.  The footage was unfinished and the effects weren’t polished, but the reviewer gets an idea of how the movie will go.

By and large the review isn’t glowing to say the least, but there are some possible bright spots.  “Anyways, even though the CG was incomplete in my screening, the action is pretty great…” the review says, continuing,  “…the chase scene with Tatum and Wayans in the Iron Man suits is particularly well done. But rest assured as I’ve noticed a fear online that those suits play a big role; they don’t, they’re used in that scene and that scene only.”

It sounds pretty much like what we’ve come to expect.  Loud, mindless fun, but not much else.  I do agree with the writer’s sentiment that the film will probably sell lots of toys, and that might end up being a saving grace.  We’ll all find out August 7th!  Check out the full review here.