5-Page Preview of DTC Issue #2 at GIJoeClub.com

gijcc_dtc_2GIJoeClub.com has posted a sneak peek at their upcoming second issue of the DTC Limited series that ties their very unique universe all together into a nice cohesive story.  Featuring Munitia, Hotwire, and the full DTC Wave 4 clan, even just the first five pages are a great story straight from the later days of Marvel’s G.I. Joe run.

This story seemingly picks up right where the later Marvel issues left of, doesn’t have any complicated continuity issues, and for just a sneak preview, it was a surprisingly entertaining read.  Check out the preview here, and if you like it, order the issue right here!

Don’t forget to order Issue #1 as well, which is already for sale in the Club shop.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt speaks out on Sommers drama

The MTV Movie Blog caught up with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and spoke to him about the drama surrounding Stephen Sommers’ rumored firing and the potential outcome of the Rise of COBRA film.  He seems to indicate that it’s just gossip and rumors, but also has some important things to say about the film in general.

“G.I. Joe’ is like playing with toys. It’s very simple and its really fun and that’s all.”

I find it more than a little ironic that perhaps the most beleagured actor of the entire film offers some simple advice that I think a lot of Joe fans and people in general need to take into consideration.  Sometimes a film, especially a film based on a toyline, just needs to be simple and fun and that’s all.  Ultimately, if this movie does that, and entertains me for two hours, I’ll have no complaints.  Check out the full interview here.

Another new G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA movie poster debuts on ComingSoon.net

Obviously in a vein similar to the recently revealed International version, a new poster for The Rise of COBRA was unveiled today via SuperHeroHype and ComingSoon.net.  There is obviously a new background to this poster reflecting a few of the different environments in the film.  Click on the image below to enlarge.


Sigma 6 Celebration Day 5: Season One Recap (Part 2)

In Part One, I gave an overview of the Sigma 6 animated series, and covered episodes 1-6 of the first Season. The first 5 episodes encompassed one 5-part tale, while Episode 6, “Race” began dipping into the Power Stones story and introduced us to Spirit Iron-Knife for the first time. As we continue on through the rest of Season One, Spirit sees some more action, we get a lot of robots thrown at us, and as with the first 6 episodes, the end result is more than a bit mixed.

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G.I. Joe: Origins #4 reviews on the web

G.I. Joe: Origins #4 blew me away.  Honestly.  Granted, I’ve been enjoying the title thus far, but mostly in a “hey, this is neat” kind of way, with no real emotional commitment or feverent desire to immerse myself further into the Joe’s past.  But this issue changed all of that.  For some reason, everything just kind of came together into one very cohesive, excellently paced story that drew me deeply into this G.I. Joe mythos.

There was mystery, plenty of action, some very cool obscure homages and Mike Hawthorne’s art was absolutely terrific this time around.  Him and Larry Hama both really knocked this one out of the park.  Reviews are also online at some of the usual haunts:

I’ve also posted a mini gallery of images from the issue, too.  I was extremely pleasantly surprised with the fourth issue.  The other 3 have been good, but this one was GREAT.

Exclusive images of Resolute Scarlett Pre-Production figure

Huge props to JoeCustoms member, DreamsJoes admin, and friend of GeneralsJoes, Dream for hooking me up with some great images of the so-far unreleased Resolute version of Scarlett!  Included in these pics are some awesome comparison images of Scarlett and Helix.  A lot of folks knew that they both shared the same legs, but what we didn’t know is that there were some subtle scale and size differences between the two.

Check out all of the awesome images below, and thanks again to Dream for hooking us up!

Sigma 6 Celebration Day 5: Season One Recap (Part 1)

If there was anything that the G.I. Joe purists hated more than the Sigma 6 toys or the  Sigma 6 concept itself, it was the animated series.  We got our first taste of the cartoon at the G.I. Joe convention, and all came away pretty impressed.  With designs and animation by Gonzo studios, this seemed like a potentially great (if not somewhat “kiddified”) new super-hero type animated series, but featuring our favorite Joe characters.  While at the beginning, the animation impressed, the writing was an immediate drawback, as the cartoon came across as if it were almost written for the kindergarten set.  Overly emotional, wacky vocal patterns, and over-exaggerated expressions gave us the worst parts of the Japanese animation culture, but not much of the good stuff.  Still, there were some things to look forward to, if you could overlook the silliness.

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