Some more information from the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club regarding the souveniers

Sorry for the influx of G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club related news, but I’ve had some time to dig through the site, so I’m uncovering a few things…  I’ve seen many questions all over the ‘net regarding the Joe Con, so I just wanted to remind folks to check out the FAQ Page for updates to all your questions and concerns.

Also, “The Commander” has posted some answers to a few questions on the GIJCC Message boards as well:

“1) No fuchsia colors

2) Viper has version 2 “fixed” arms

3) Hasbro limited our 25A mold usage and several of your suggested figure options were “In Production” at the time.”

So…it sounds like using the 25A tooling was a Hasbro dictation?  I know it’s easy to cast stones (I certainly have cast my share this year) but I guess we should remember there are several legal and production hoops that the Club has to weave through during the Convention planning process that none of us have any idea about.

I still stand by my opinion on the Con Exclusives this year, but it is at least some food for thought.

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    Not quite the way I’m reading it Justin. From what I read on the club boards, the use of the 25A molds was definitely their choice and idea, but Hasbro restricted the use of certain molds. Such as perhaps not letting them use the newer 5-pack Baroness, or the BAT legs for the Vipers. But I’m just speculating there.

    But I DO accept the Club’s explanation for their choice. For nearly 2 years now, fans have been gushing about their love for the 25A sculpts. We both know many who boldly claimed they were so enamored with the new molds, they were selling off all their old new-sculpt and RAH figures to make way for the new ones.

    Tie that with the poor sales of the Flaming MOTH and apparently DTC wave 4 figures, and making the switch to the 25A molds would definitely seem like a good idea. And redoing the Crimson Strike Team — the only Joe Con set that immediately sold out — probably also seemed like a pretty good idea to them.

    I’m not saying the set particularly appeals to me. But I think I see where they were coming from with it.

  2. Yeah, one of the Club guys told me Hasbro did NOT let them use the new 5 pack Baroness.

  3. Your points make a lot of sense, Scrap. Especially the choice of the redux Crimson Strike Team.

    I wonder why Hasbro wouldn’t allow a mold to be used?

  4. Baroness is a prominent character in the movie. My guess is that particular body will see an appearance again in the near future under the ROC banner.

  5. I wonder what International Figures were “In Production” At The Time”. I’m guessing Quarrel is one of them.

  6. I like the new JOECON set, and I agree, for some of us we quit buying original Joes for the newer ones, and who can blame us, they have more detail and are a move forward, no more broken o-rings. But as to who decided, I could care less, Brian Savage works hard to keep the Collector’s club fresh, and I salute him for taking a lot of flak. What we should ask the club though is if they could get some of the Sigma 6 products that were to be made, but never saw the light of retail. Now that would be a question, and perhaps some DTC vehicle add ons (like new cannons for the DTC H.I.S.S. they could come in a cool M.A.R.S container as an exclusive to the club. Now that would be something to ask.

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