Some more information from the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club regarding the souveniers

Sorry for the influx of G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club related news, but I’ve had some time to dig through the site, so I’m uncovering a few things…  I’ve seen many questions all over the ‘net regarding the Joe Con, so I just wanted to remind folks to check out the FAQ Page for updates to all your questions and concerns.

Also, “The Commander” has posted some answers to a few questions on the GIJCC Message boards as well:

“1) No fuchsia colors

2) Viper has version 2 “fixed” arms

3) Hasbro limited our 25A mold usage and several of your suggested figure options were “In Production” at the time.”

So…it sounds like using the 25A tooling was a Hasbro dictation?  I know it’s easy to cast stones (I certainly have cast my share this year) but I guess we should remember there are several legal and production hoops that the Club has to weave through during the Convention planning process that none of us have any idea about.

I still stand by my opinion on the Con Exclusives this year, but it is at least some food for thought.

GIJCC Officer members rejoice – the PDF newsletter archive returns to form!

Something that has sort of flown under the radar with the rage over the Convention exclusives is the fact that the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club has been slowly but surely updating the outdated archive of past newsletters.  According to a news report on June 8th, the entirety of 2008 has been posted to the archive, and it would seem that we can expect 2009 to follow suit.

This was a major complaint that the fans have lodged, so I think it deserves some recognition.  Certainly if we can lambaste the Club for decisions we don’t agree with (as I have with the Convention stuff) we can give them credit and kudos for the stuff they’re doing for the fandom sake.

You have to be an Officer Level Member to see if, but if you are, click here!

Amazing fan project! COBRA Missile Headquarters as it always should have been

I’ve gone on the record saying that my favorite projects are always the fan-based ones.  Seeing what Joefans do with the property is always entertaining, especially when they do it better than Hasbro themselves.  This definitely falls into that realm…  granted, Hasbro first tried it with a limited budget and twenty-five years ago, but still…

JoeCustoms member and G.I. Joe enthusiast J_Man has been working dilligently on his COBRA Missile HQ project for a long time, and it’s finally complete!  An awesome homage to the vintage Missile HQ, but done totally in plastic!  That’s right, it looks just as cool as the original, but is MORE durable.  It also looks to be customizable as well.  I’ve mirrored some images below, but they do not do this project justice.  If you like what you see, hit up D & J Toys and get on the wait list.  I will personally vouch for J_Man’s credibility.  He put a ton of effort and work into this project, and he truly did it FOR the fans.  It’s gonna be very cool.

Flashback Review update – G.I. Joe 5-Pack #2

More big thanks to Big Bad Toy Store for sponsoring another Flashback Review, this time, for the second G.I. Joe Five-Pack featuring General Hawk, Flint, Lady Jaye, Shipwreck, and Snake Eyes!  As an added bonus, BBTS has these for sale now for 20% off!

While a couple of these figures became somewhat redundant with the Hall of Heroes set, there is still a lot to love for a pretty reasonable price.  Check out the full review right here!

In hand pics and mini-review for Scarlett “Quarrel” homage

Roadblock Recall from the Terror Drome has uploaded some nice pics and did a review for the so-far unreleased Scarlett done up in an homage to the Action Force Quarrel figure.  Check out the full review here, and I’ve mirrored some pictures below.

Sigma 6 Celebration Day 3: The Unproduced

Often a sure sign that a toyline is in trouble is the quality of the toys we’re getting near the end of the toyline’s life.  Even great runs like the Real American Hero seemed to suffer from mixed signals and conflicting ideals in 1993 and 1994, bringing us some oddly colored and strangely themed toys that didn’t necessarily mesh with each other.  In fact, I’d argue that most of the best known action figure lines showed clear signs of their age by the time the lines faded away.  Sigma 6, though, couldn’t be farther from that, in my opinion.

Simply looking at what as still to come shows that there was a lot of life still left in the 8″ line, and it’s a damn shame that it ended when it did.  There was a lot of cool stuff left to come, and for today, I’ve decided to include some hefty galleries of figures that were in the works, but didn’t make the cut.  This includes concept art found online, pre-production items displayed at Joe Con, and some other little tidbits.  Doing this article was tough for me, as it served to be a reminder of what we didn’t get, but I think it’s worth it in the long run, and hopefully you agree.  Along with this article, I’ll also have a nice surprise at the end of this whole celebration which will tie into this article as well.  ;)

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