All G.I. Joe items (except Hall of Heroes) 20% OFF at BigBadToyStore!

BigBadToyStore has sent out their latest newsletter, showing that all G.I. Joe items up to the most recent Hall of Heroes release are 20% off!  Check out their G.I. Joe section right here.  The full newsletter is posted below.

Hi – Here is a quick update from about a
variety of new preorders, more new arrivals, and a new sale.

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GIJoe Collectors’ Club Convention Exclusive preview up on

After debuting the images in the last two issues of the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club newsletter, the GIJCC has now posted images of the convention exclusive Crimson Strike Team Baroness, Tomax, Xamot, and COBRA Vipers.  While I’m not a fan of the conception, I do have to admit, these figures do look really, really nice.  Check the following links for nice, close up images from all angles.

Hopefully we start to at least hear some details on the attendee exclusives going forward, but time will tell.

Paris Pursuit Snake Eyes pics and mini-review

I had the opportunity to get some “hands on” time with the Paris Pursuit Snake Eyes, and damn is this one nice freaking figure.  He’s definitely got the movie vibe, but he’s got enough new elements to make him interesting.  The trenchcoat adds a pretty cool vibe, but the coolest thing to me is the range of motion in his joints.  His arm can bend a full 90 degrees, unlike a lot of the Anniversary format figures, and I like that his facemask doesn’t have the sculpted lips.

There isn’t much detail in the paint apps, with your basic black over pretty much every bit of the figure (though that may be mostly because it’s a pre-production piece), but I love his somewhat normal looking cargo pants, and very undercover look.  The sculpted hood on the trench is awesome, and the figure just looks really neat.  It’s a very different look for the G.I. Joe Commando.

One caveat to the images…my particular figure had two left hands (one of the issues with buying sight-unseen…buyer beware), so I tossed on the right hand from a random COBRA Commander figure just for review purposes.  Beyond that, the figure really is pretty awesome.  I absolutely love his machine gun, his sword and sheath, and the pistol he comes with, too.  Neither his pistol nor his knife have a spot other than in his hand (or in a drawer) which is really too bad, but the figure is still very cool regardless.  One really cool accessory the figure comes with is his removable visor, which is mostly transparent, yet still has the familiar ridges etched into the surface.  A very cool aspect to the figure.

I believe this figure is slated to come with Wave 2 of the Rise of COBRA single packs, and I cannot recommend this figure enough.  I’ve tooled around with a number of Rise of COBRA figures so far, and this version of Snake Eyes is among the most fun.  Honestly, many of these Rise of COBRA figures have provided some serious entertainment.  From Destro to Shipwreck, and now Paris Pursuit Snake Eyes, the Rise of COBRA line is really a very pleasant surprise.  Do yourself a favor and BUY THIS figure when it comes out.  I don’t think you’ll be disappointed, even as yet another version of Snake Eyes.

COBRA Troop Builder 8-Packs on

HasbroToyShop has updated their stock with some interesting “Troop Builder 8-Packs”, retailing for $49.99.  Check out the links below for the various offerings:

Sigma 6 Celebration Day 2: The Artwork

Such a critical part of a successful toy launch and marketing blitz is the packaging style and the artwork on those packages.  Ever since 1982, the G.I. Joe line has put a huge focus on the artwork that adorns their packaging, and the Sigma 6 toyline was no different.  If anything, it put an even larger emphasis on package design, especially on the 2.5″ line.

For this celebration, I took some time to talk to Chris Lie.  Most folks may not know his name, or may know him better from his comic work, but Chris Lie (who is probably most well-known for his amazing all-encompassing cover to G.I. Joe: America’s Elite #25) also did the artwork for the entire 6-issue Sigma 6 limited series, as well as the art for the 8″ Commando scale figures from the Sigma 6 line.  Chris was nice enough to take time out of his busy schedule and talk to me, so please click the link below to read that interview:

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Reactive Armor Ripcord review at

Smokescreen, the admin of has posted a great review with some nice pictures of the upcoming Reactive Armor Ripcord.  Check out the review here, and look at the images below.

More images for upcoming Rise of COBRA figures

Cmderinchief has been pretty busy lately, and he comes through again, this time with pictures of a mysterious upcoming Snow Job repaint as well as the Target Exclusive COBRA Eel that’s slated to come with a repaint of the Spy Troops Wave Crusher.  He’s posted the original threads on JBL here and here.

The Snow Job is a really nice homage to the ’97 version, I think, and at least some sort of variation of the figure is slated to come with the upcoming Rockslide.  Check out the galleries below.

Possible new G.I. Joe product coming to KMart (among others)

I think all of us remember the pictures of the cool, though somewhat strange looking helicopter that appeared to be coming with Wild Bill floating around various overseas auction sites not too long ago.  Rumored to be a new Dragonfly, there was no real cooberating evidence or information along with it.

Well, forum members SirVinic and SNAKE EYES have stumbled upon a listing on that seems to match up with this item, listing it as the “G.I. Joe Dragonhawk with Wild Bill”.  However, the image with the listing shows the COBRA Gunship.  However, at the time of this news posting, it would appear that this item has been removed from KMart’s website.

Along with the news of the Dragonhawk, samsallspark, a forum member of the Terror Drome is reporting that a mysterious quartet of figures are being referred to as “KMart Exclusives”, and part of a 4-Pack.  Those figures include a Duke, Heavy Duty, MARS Trooper, and Neo-Viper.  Click here to check out that story, and check out the figures below.  Keep in mind, this information is totally unconfirmed at this point.