New images added to Sideshow Collectibles COBRA Commander page

The latest newsletter from Sideshow Collectibles has been sent along, and they report that new images have been posted in the gallery for the Sideshow Exclusive COBRA Commander.

While this incredible looking item is currently sold out, you can put your name on a wait list by clicking the banner below!

Cobra Commander 12-Inch Figure

Botcon is over… let the JoeCon excitement commence!

Okay, some folks will probably think this sounds a bit disingenuous, since I’ve been sort of talking down the convention set this year with the switch to an Anniversary style, but more importantly the apparent lack of new concepts.  However, just because I’m a bit disappointed in the convention offering doesn’t mean I’m down on the Convention as a whole.  There is much more to the Convention experience than simply the toys being sold there…  and yes, even though I’m not wild about the 25th format change, I still think it’s a whole lot of fun to hypothosize what we might be getting for our attende exclusives.  Here’s what we know so far:

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BBTS News: Transformers, Marvel, Imports, 1/6 Scale, New Preorders & More!

Hi – Here is a quick update from about a
variety of new preorders and more new arrivals.  Take a look at the
listings below for a nice selection of cool new stuff:

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Some new comparison shots of SDCC Destro’s on

hisstank_sdcc_destroGyre-Viper of the HissTank forums has taken some pictures of the upcoming SDCC Exclusive Destro figures and posted them online at  The images show some nice detail, and I especially love the 3-piece suit on James McCullen…it was done exceptionally well.  I can’t wait to see what a Tomax and Xamot head look on it, not to mention the potential for future Dr. Venom customs.

Great stuff from Hasbro, especially for an exclusive.  I’m going to try like hell to get me some of this!

New images online for G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA film has posted some new images from the upcoming G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA motion picture, due August 7th.  The scenes appear to be from the various trailers and TV spots that have been shown online.

Check out the site here, or simply view the images below.

More gameplay footage viewable online at

IGN joins GameTrailers in releasing some footage from E3 showing the gameplay from the upcoming G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA video game.  This video gives us a look at the COBRA Gunship in action as well as a peek at Wild Bill and Stalker as non-playable characters.

Check out the site here, or just look at the embedded video below.

Thanks to Snake Eyes Joe-Ninja of for the info.