Previously unseen images of upcoming figures for Kamakura, Night Adder and more

Toyssir898 of has posted some great new images of previously unseen figures!  According to the thread title, the pictures show Kamakura, various Neo-Vipers, and Night Adder.  These names coincide with a past “Wal-Mart” listing as well, though it’s unclear exactly who is who.  Check out the original thread here, or just hit up the mirrored images below.

If “Night Adder” is the dude with the dog, I am LOVING it.  Very sinister looking figure with some absolutely bad ass web gear.  It looks to be the gear that originally came with Resolute Roadblock, and it looks incredible here.  Holy crap.

4 thoughts on “Previously unseen images of upcoming figures for Kamakura, Night Adder and more

  1. Love the vest on the ‘Night Adder’. Head is nice and intimidating too.

    Kamakura is certainly a new take on the character.

    That ‘Ninja Viper’ is… odd. The Storm Shadow harness doesn’t really fit the standard movie ‘Trooper/Viper’ torso that well.

    The Crimson Neo-Viper has too gear, unless that box thing is a backpack designed to hold the snake, snakehook, axes, knife, pistol, and at least one of the rifles.

    Green Viper Commando seems… under-equipped. Maybe some of Crimson’s kit is his?

  2. I think the Ninja Viper is actually Kamakura cause of the Joe logo on his chest. I’m just thankful they still have a use for the ol’ Storm Shadow mold (sarcasm). If Night Adder is the guy with the dog, it’s awesome. Who’s the guy with the goggles and half-face mask?

  3. Goggles & half face mask is referred to as Ninja Viper.

    The green Viper looks very swamp-like to me.

    And the red viper’s gear is really strange. It looks like firefighter equipment, which would be a cool cobra if he is meant to be mainly within Cobra territory.

    But it almost then seems a shame that the upcoming movie Barbecue didn’t come with some of that stuff.

  4. Kamakura looks great. Despite lacking his trademark green attire. The rest, meh.

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