FULL Rise of COBRA clip online NOW!

MTV Movie Blogs just posted the full clip “Attack of Paris” on their site here!  Check out the awesome embedded greatness below:

5 thoughts on “FULL Rise of COBRA clip online NOW!

  1. Absolutely horrible. Wrong tone. Bad performances. Bad dialog. Those accelerator suits are horrendous. Everything looks fake. It’s bad enough that it’s all blatant CGI, but it’s also blatantly bad CGI.

    You hear that sound? That’s an oncoming train wreck.

  2. Awesome! Looks fantastic, I love the armored suits, the tech reminds me of all the wacky stuff and vehicles we’ve gotten over the years, and it just looks fun! I’m lookin’ forward to it!

  3. I thought when all else failed they didn’t? Boom goes the Eiffel Tower… :P

    I’m looking forward to it though. Should be a good popcorn flick.

  4. Yeah, I think this looks swell. As a fan of the Sunbow stuff, I can handle a little goofiness, and as a fan of Stephan Sommers’ movies, I think this’ll be a good ride. This isn’t Black Hawk Down. This is GI Joe, and I, for one, am stoked on the over-the-top nature this clip shows off.

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