Exclusive clip from Rise of COBRA on MTV.com!

MTV.com has scored a big scoop with an exclusive clip for G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA entitled “Attack on Paris”.  The original article can be seen here, or check it out embedded below!

Big thanks to WildWeasel from The Terror Drome for the information!

EDIT: More thanks goes to The Terror Drome for a YouTube link for international viewers!

9 thoughts on “Exclusive clip from Rise of COBRA on MTV.com!

  1. Hey Justin,

    Any chance you can post this video independantly on your site? This MTV link won’t let me see it since I live in Canada.

    I tell ya, if Cobra promises to get rid of all of this legal crap that keeps us Canadians from seeing all these cool videos lately, I’m voting Cobra !

  2. Sooo.. the green lightbulb included with the Storm Shadow figures is… undersized?

  3. Thanks Justin !

    Looks pretty cool. Still not so keen on those Accelerator suits giving every Joe Spider-Man like moves but I’ll wait and see how the whole thing turns out.

  4. My problems with it was when Baroness said nice shoes and when storm Shadow opened the door and everyone gasped the same way you would hear it on sitcoms. It just never sounded realistic.

    Looks great, not sure if I like the monkey climbing but… whatever.


  5. so Baroness and Storm Shadow are running around in their normal clothes with faces exposed and the Joes are running around in their Sigma suits complete with helmets and face shields… why!?

  6. I am already not liking these accelerator suits. It makes them look like Robocop.

  7. I have a theory now, based on a soundbite from the game footage…The accelerator suits are MARS tech, and they get sabotaged at some point near the beginning, forcing the Joes to work as a team and rely on their skills. I think the suits are supposed to be annoying and look like a too-good to be real advantage that gets nixed. Just my theory.

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