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Smokescreen, the admin for has posted some more pics of unreleased items, this time around, it’s the Resolute Roadblock!  That’s one fine looking heavy machine gunner.  Check out the images mirrored below!

4 thoughts on “Resolute Roadblock images posted on

  1. Man, he’s tall.

    I don’t like that he’s shirtless under the vest.

    Still much better than the other three 25A Roadblocks, but my favourite RB look still has to be from Battle Corps.

  2. That is one nice-looking Roadblock. Considering our present alternatives all have such a dumb head sculpt, awkward hands and a lack of double-jointed knees, it feels like such a crime that this one isn’t set for release anytime soon.

  3. I don’t like that head sculpt. Something about it just seems demented. Maybe its the paint and not the sculpt itself but it just doesn’t look right. And I feel the same way about the animation model too.

    But from the neck down this is an awesome figure. The 7 foot tall monster of a man he’s been portrayed as in the comics finally gets translated to figure form.

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