GIJCC Newsletter Dio-Story sneak peek

I’ve talked a bit on here before (though definitely not enough) about my buddy Capolan.  Without him, I wouldn’t hesitate to say, my dio-stories probably would have never gotten to the point they are now.  He is a wizard with foamcore at small scales and can actually build things that I cannot even think about.  Everything from the materials, the glue application and the detail work he has down to a science, and with foamcore he can generate things that feel like they were pushed through a factory.  Designed for looking good, but built to “play with” they are awesome backdrops for my dio-stories, which is why I continue to use him to this day.

His latest masterpiece is something that will be featured pretty heavily in my next G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club newsletter dio-story, so I figured I’d take this opportunity to do a few little preview shots for your viewing pleasure.  Check out the images below for some shots of the action that will be taking place in the July issue!

But of course this wouldn’t have even been possible without Capolan’s fantastic work on the office and research lab portion of the set.  Check out some images in better light below:

Cap’s work always amazes.  I know most of my recent work has been in the Collectors’ Club newsletter, and I hope members are enjoying what they’re reading.  I promise that I am still hacking away at my main universe as well (which will also feature this set heavily).

4 thoughts on “GIJCC Newsletter Dio-Story sneak peek

  1. Rules! So, you’re doing the collector’s club newsletter dios? This has pushed me over the edge…I’ll be signing up this month for sure.

    I know, late to the party. But better late than never.

  2. WOW!!! That set is amazing. That detail is perfect. I love the Munitia shots. Great set, great pictures and I am sure it’s a great story.

    I can’t wait for your next “Main universe” dio.


  3. I know I suggested a long time ago you do dio-stories to spice up the Club newsletters, but I also hate that they aren’t displayed in their full glory on your website. One day, you’ve got to convince the Club that your dio-stories need to be collected in an anthology and published for us to buy.

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