Some new reviews posted on – Night Raven, Scrap Iron, Red Star

Some HissTank forum members, General Hawk59 and Steel Brigade have posted some new reviews of upcoming product (or potentially items that will not end up seeing release).  There are a ton of images and some nice detailed writing about each of these items.

The Night Raven review can be found here, and I’ve mirrored a couple of pictures below…a lot more are posted at the previous link.  Red Star and Scrap Iron are posted here, also with a small sample of images below.  Red Star and Scrap Iron were slated for future single pack release, but got canned before they hit…will these updated  versions appear somewhere down the line?  No one knows for sure…  one thing I do know is that they both feature a very nice set of changes that make them unique from their previous counterparts, and very reminiscent of the vintage versions as well.

General Hawk59 also a video review of the Night Raven as well:

3 thoughts on “Some new reviews posted on – Night Raven, Scrap Iron, Red Star

  1. Hiss tank is a crop of s$#@. I love how this guy plugged all the mods who are D#$%s. The funny thing about the tank is that they steal other sites images and add water marks all over the pic as if they are the soul owners of those pics. Then this guy General Hawk cried and cried about not finding the Target Rattler and Conquest.

    He preorders like 10 of each and then as soon as he got them he put them on the tank for sale for $100 each minus shipping….

    Two mods go to late at night and take pics they dont have and again add water marks to the pics. The site once was a great site, but too bad the mods have big heads and dont understand the word Community.

  2. I fixed my Red Star, but to get an actual release with fixed aroms and his counterparts in the Oktober Guard would be nice!

  3. The molded wheels on the Night Raven seem like something that should be a non issue to me; the landing gear are there to give it something to stand on when it’s on the ground not to drive it around on the ground. Non-rolling wheels have no effect on the intended play value of the toy. Rolling wheels on a plane are a nice bonus, but they are hardly an integral component.

    I kind of hope the Scrap-Iron included with the Snake Traxx ends up using this tooling instead; the working holster alone makes it better than the other one.

    The Red Star repaint actually eliminates a lot of what I found coolest about the comic pack version: the various Oktober Guard logos all over him and his gear.

  4. As soon as this douche bag started talking about “HissStank exclusive” at 2:30 I shut it off. I don’t need to waste my time hearing that BS. And here’s a clue – figure out what you’re going to say before you break out the camera! (Its the same size as the Tiger Rat, I mean its larger…..Let me compare it to the original figure, oh wait, I don’t have the original handy. ) To quick to put his face out into the community and show off his new toy with zero prep time or effort on the video. Well, I guess if thats the best HissStank can do…..

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