Mysterious new arctic themed figures on TaoBao

Another uncolored pre-production test shot has appeared on Asian auction site TaoBao, and it’s a weird one.  It would appear to be an arctic figure of some kind, using a lot of Arctic Snake Eyes parts, but with a tall collar, and a new head, both of which end up looking a bit different.  Check out the image mirrored below.


Thanks to HissCommander from The Terror Drome for the info.

5 thoughts on “Mysterious new arctic themed figures on TaoBao

  1. Facial detail kinda makes it unlikely that this is the unreleased Arctic Cobra Commander… and with one of the big action scenes in the movie being a battle of Destro’s arctic missile base, this could be just about anyone from the movie.

  2. High collars remind me a little of the Red Shadows from the DDP book, but could be just about anything.

  3. ^^ What he said. The first think I thought of was Red Shadows, but that could just be from the colors used affecting judgement.

  4. Those guys look pretty cool in a Dr. Who kind of way. I guess it’s too much to hope that they will come out just as they are in that picture as I’m not spending the kind of money these auctions usually end at for something I can pick up at retail later.

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