UPDATE – Tons of new pictures of potential upcoming items from Unitedwell923!

Apparently “The Doctor” and Accelerator Suit Duke were only the tip of the iceberg…a wealth of new photos for potential upcoming product has been dug out from the unitewell923 archives…expect this stuff to hit auction in the near future.

Check out the load of images below, including some nice gems like a Python Patrol Tele-Viper, an arctic Snake Eyes, and what looks to be an updated Rise of COBRA Baroness!  Thanks again to HissCommander from The Terror Drome!

First glimpse at figures for “The Doctor” and Accelerator Suit Duke!

EBay seller unitedwell923 has come through once again with some very nice pictures for upcoming figures that have not yet been revealed!  While there are no auctions posted as of yet, it would appear that they are coming soon.

Check out the images below!



Big thanks to HissCommander from The Terror Drome for the information!

COBRA Island Alley-Viper for sale loose through Black Sheep Toy Store

eBay seller Black Sheep Toy Store has re-listed the loose Defense of COBRA Island Alley-Viper figure, and it appears to come fully loaded with a full compliment of accessories, but at a much better price.  Previously selling for $29.99, the figure has now been relisted at $14.99 with free shipping!  Not a bad deal for folks wanting to bulk up on their Alley-Viper squads without dropping $40.00 apiece on 7-packs.

The auction is here and the images are below.

Now if only he’d drop the price on that Resolute Baroness…      Thanks to Ricardogasjr of HissTank.com for the intel.

Terrific review for Reactive Armor Scarlett on JoeSightings.com

Werecat, a moderator and co-admin over at JoeSightings.com has gotten his hands (temporarily) on an upcoming Reactive Armor Scarlett figure, and did a very nice “first impressions” article about it over on JoeSightings.

I’ve mirrored the images below, just don’t stare at the pink lamp for too long, it’ll steal your soul…  :shifty:

Crimson Tomax and Reactive Armor Scarlett pictures at JoeBattleLines

cmderinchief’s had a busy Saturday today…  we all know that when he’s not lurking around the Coil Club, he’s wheeling and dealing for early samples and dazzling us with pictures of stuff that won’t hit retail for months.  He comes through again today with a couple pretty neat pieces (depending on your frame of mind).

First of all, what has turned out to be a very controversial item, he’s posted some very nice images of the upcoming Crimson Strike re-do Tomax over at JoeBattleLines.  While the figure looks really nice and compliments the sculpting well, it has caused some fandom rage due to it being used in a Convention Exclusive at a premium price.  I’ll try to avoid getting into that bruhaha here (everyone knows my stance on that by now), but here are the images:

He has also posted a nice assortment of images for the upcoming “Reactive Armor” version of Scarlett from The Rise of COBRA.  I can’t really explain it, but this figure rocks my world.  The sculpting and detail paint apps are really nice…the head sculpt looks great (at least on this version of the figure) and I really love the backpack-mounted grapple system and the crossbow that comes apart and stores in the holster.  Some very nice pics of what looks like a really nice figure.  Kudos, Gary, keep ’em coming!  ;)

Sideshow Collectibles COBRA Commander images!

JoeBattleLines forum member and moderator Sinchicken came through with a ton of Snake Eyes images when that figure hit, and now he’s started coming through on COBRA Commander pictures as well!  He’s posted the images in this thread, but I’ve also mirrored them here, and will continue to do so as he adds more.  A very cool looking figure.

New images of SDCC 12″ Baroness via HissTank poster

toyssir898 is quickly making a name for themselves over at HissTank.com, this time around posting images for the upcoming 12″ Baroness figure available exclusively at the San Diego ComicCon.  Check out the thread here, and take a look at the images mirrored below.

Cinemark offers G.I. Joe gift cards

Earthtimes.org reports that the Cinemark line of movie theaters will be offering G.I. Joe themed gift cards to promote the film.  Read the full article here and check out the image below!