Q & A Answers flying in!

As I’ve been out and about this evening, Round 2 of the Q & A answers have come flooding in from every nook and crannie, and I’ve got everything posted so far linked up on my Q & A Page.  Definitely take a look over there, I’ve got at least 2 or 3 sites linked that haven’t been found anywhere else yet.  ;)

Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like Hasbro was a bit more generous with information and answers this time around…or at least made this seem much less like “marketing jargon”.  A step in the right direction.  I love seeing all the Resolute questions, too…hopefully that sends a little message to the boys in Pawtucket about what the fans are clamoring for.

One thought on “Q & A Answers flying in!

  1. From Kastor’s Korner:

    “Bill: Recent photos have surfaced that have revealed many new Resolute figures, and some of which (Destro, Roadblock, etc…) are standing on the new “Rise of Cobra” stands. Does this mean these Resolute figures will be released under the movie umbrella in 2009? Possibly to coincide with a Resolute DVD release, perhaps?

    Joe Team: It is possible that we will use Resolute figures in the movie line in the future, but there are no plans right now for Destro or Roadblock in 2009.”

    I was really hoping to see both of these figures this year, but it least it sounds like they’ll probably be released sometime in the 2010.

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