GI Joe Collectors’ Club membership Undertow figure shipping now!

Good news for us o-ring fans in light of the depressing Convention information…we at least have something to look forward to, as the membership incentive Undertow figure is apparently arriving in mailboxes now!

soundwavempl over on has received his already.  Keep your eyes open!


Q & A Answers flying in!

As I’ve been out and about this evening, Round 2 of the Q & A answers have come flooding in from every nook and crannie, and I’ve got everything posted so far linked up on my Q & A Page.  Definitely take a look over there, I’ve got at least 2 or 3 sites linked that haven’t been found anywhere else yet.  ;)

Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like Hasbro was a bit more generous with information and answers this time around…or at least made this seem much less like “marketing jargon”.  A step in the right direction.  I love seeing all the Resolute questions, too…hopefully that sends a little message to the boys in Pawtucket about what the fans are clamoring for.

Hasbro G.I. Joe Q & A answers from around the web…

Just a reminder that as always, GeneralsJoes will be posting the answers from all boards at the central Q & A page!  If you don’t see your favorite site represented there, drop a comment in and I will get it added ASAP!

Hasbro G.I. Joe Q & A – Round Two ANSWERS

Q: Recently at a trade show in Japan TakaraTomy displayed a repaint of the Direct to Consumer RHINO vehicle slated to come with Rampage (who was nicely reminiscent of the vintage Heavy Metal).  It is assumed that this item is coming out in Japan, can we expect it to come out in the United States as well?  Any other repaint vehicle gems that you want to mention?

A: Stay tuned, we hope to make an announcement about this figure at San Diego Comic-Con this summer.

Q:  The upcoming Wal-Mart 2 Packs appear to be a fantastic way to get vintage and Resolute homage figures in the movie line.  Considering how wildly popular the Resolute animated feature turned out to be, how many of those 2-packs can we expect to see, and when might we be getting some items like that outside of a Wal-Mart exclusive series?

A: The current plan is 4 of the two packs available this fall with additional packs possible based on success.  It is too early to say at this time for sure.

Q: The Resolute animated feature was pretty amazing, all told, and has quickly become a favorite of fans (and even non fans), but it seemed as if there was little to no promotion for the feature, and the public airing was relegated to a midnight Saturday night showing.  Can you tell the fans why it seemed as if the series was pushed to the shadows?  Were there fears of its adult nature or concerns about the content?  And what can the fandom at large do to show Hasbro how much it enjoyed Resolute and how can we prove that we will fully support toys based on this mythos?  To many of us, Resolute was a fantastic expression of our favorite things about G.I. Joe, yet it seems to be consistently overshadowed by the film.  While we realize the importance of expressing the G.I. Joe brand to a broad, worldwide audience, I think pushing Resolute aside would be a waste of potential from a content and a toy perspective.  How can the fandom help express our satisfaction with Resolute and our intense desire to see the toys hit retail and to see the mythos continue?

A: We greatly appreciate the fan support of the series.  We announced the animation about a year ago and the enthusiasm for it has been phenomenal ever since. Resolute had significant Hasbro support ranging from print ads, press releases, and its own website to drive the event.  The nature of the content influenced the decision to air it at certain times and places.  With over 1MM views on the Cartoon Network site, the fans have expressed their views…they love Resolute.

Awesome issue #5 “progression” art on

Robert Atkins, a regular contributor to (and current artist of the G.I. Joe book from IDW) occasionally posts some art on the JoeReloaded forums.  Well, he went a bit further this time around and showed off a bunch of art for the cover of Issue #5, including a very early sample, and leading up to the full blown colored final version.  Some awesome insight and some great art as well.

Check out the thread here.

Out of package test shot pictures of SDCC Destro (old school)

We’ve already seen some very nice loose pictures of the upcoming SDCC exclusive Destro in his 3-piece suit, but what about the infamous McCullen ancestor that comes in the two-pack with him? Well, they’re uncolored test shots, but Black Sheep Toy Store has posted an auction here with his normal collection of nice images. Check out those images below!