Sideshow Collectibles has Zartan in the works!

The folks at Sideshow are evidently going to be very busy over the next year or two…along with revealing that they are working on Firefly and  Beachhead in a Q & A a few days ago, another round of questions and answers comes through today, and Sideshow reveals that the COBRA Master of Disguise Zartan is on their short list!  That will be one figure I MUST somehow save the cash for.  Sideshow could do some amazing things…

To check out the Q & A click here.

Official Press Release for upcoming Shout! Factory Season 1.1 DVD set has posted a full-blown press release for the upcoming Season 1.1 box set of the Sunbow cartoons from Shout! Factory.  The press release also makes mention of the impending full series set (17 DVD’s!!!) in the works as well.

To check out the press release, click here!  Images are also mirrored below.



Mysterious upcoming pre-production items on eBay

The Black Sheep Toy Store strikes again, this time with a nice batch of somewhat vintage-themed figures that look to be done up in movie style paint schemes.  Very interesting looking figures, for sure.  Click the following links to check out the auctions, and then peruse all of the images mirrored below.

There are some part swaps and paint alterations, but some interesting stuff to see, for sure.  I love the Grand Slam with the different lower legs, and the AVAC with the Resolute Trooper arms.  Some neat stuff mixed up here…

G.I. Joe: COBRA #3 reviews across the web

While I had my own thoughts to type about the latest issue of G.I. Joe: COBRA, a few folks have done more official reviews…check out the links below.

Strange auction for upcoming Night Raven… errr… Nightbird??

An overseas eBay seller has posted an auction for what appears to be the upcoming Rise of COBRA Night Raven w/ Air-Viper…however, the box proclaims this item to be a Nightbird w/ Aero-Viper.  Is this an early sample prior to the name change to Night Raven, or more likely just the International name for the COBRA Night Raven?

Regardless of any naming questions, this auction has some pretty cool pictures of the outside of the box as well as the opened box with some shots of the item inside.

Check out the auction here and the images mirrored below.

Thanks to HissCommander from the Terror Drome for the heads up.

What the hell is up with Groundblast Heavy Duty?

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a diehard Sigma 6 fan.  Outside of the original Real American Hero vintage line, Sigma 6 has been my favorite iteration of the G.I. Joe brand over the past twenty-five years, and it’s one of the only toylines that I feel died while in its prime and while it still had so much promise.  No matter how much I love certain toylines, near the end, it becomes obvious that they have sort of outlived their “spark” and that it’s time for them to go.  I still feel like there was so much untapped potential with Sigma 6…  of course, Groundblast Heavy Duty isn’t necessarily the perfect example of “what could have been”, but this figure has been, to date, one of the most desirable “rare” pieces, just because production got cut short as the line shifted from the Sigma 6 “theme” into a more standard G.I. Joe look.

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt talks to NBC about The Rise of COBRA

As the movie draws closer, the stars are speaking out, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who plays COBRA Commander in the upcoming film spoke with about starring in the movie.

“[It was] really, really fun,” says Gordon-Levitt. “It looks badass. It’s that 8-year-old in me getting to be a f***ing cool-looking guy.”

Starring in it was evidently fun…will watching it be?  I still think we’re in for a nice surprise in August, but time will tell…  check out the full article here.