G.I. Joe: COBRA #3… Wow.

Well, IDW certainly doesn’t seem to be messing around.  While the mainstream G.I. Joe title unfortunately sort of continues to plod along at a snail’s pace, pretty much every other G.I. Joe related offering from IDW is really knocking the ball out of the park.  I’ve been surprisingly keen on the movie prequels (which are simple, but amazingly effective), the Origins series has its ups and downs, but has been pretty solid over all.  The real winner in this 4-title race, though, is G.I. Joe: COBRA.  I had a feeling when I first heard the concept of this book that they were going to take the reigns off a little bit and go a little darker and grittier.  Well, they certainly have so far, and no more than they just did with Issue #3, which hit comic book stores today.

I’ll finish this talk about the book after the break, so as not to reveal any spoilers.  I’m actually going to consciously avoid the BIG spoilers in this issue, just so folks can read this post without fear of ruining a major plot point, but I may mention some events from the previous 2 issues here.

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Reactive armor Ripcord pre-production item on eBay

Black Sheep Toy Store has been specializing in fully painted pre-production samples, and even carded items, but they’re branching out a bit into the unpainted pre-production arena.  Most of the items they’ve just listed have been seen before, but this Reactive Armor Ripcord is new.  I mean, we all knew it was coming (just like it’s obvious that a Duke in Accelerator Suit will be showing up sooner rather than later), but it’s still neat to see.  I actually really enjoy how Hasbro can take some very similar looks and change them up a bit.  Even unpainted, you can see some of the structural and design changes that separate this figure at least somewhat from the many other armored figures that have already been seen.  A pretty nice looking toy, all told.  Check out the auction here and see the image below.


First review posted for Sideshow COBRA Commander on HissTank.com

As the fantastic new 12″ COBRA Commanders are trickling in, expect more and more links to some thoughts around the web as I gather what public opinion is on these before deciding if I’m going to pull the trigger myself.  :shifty:

The first review comes to HissTank.com courtosy of member vadersquest.  Check out the review here.

My first thought?  A nice figure…the plastic hood looks a bit funky, but I’m not sure how they could do it any other way and still retain some dramatic effect.  A cloth hood would look sorta ridiculous.  Love the weapons, love the trenchcoat…  really liking the looks of it from afar.

5-Page preview for G.I. Joe #5 on JoeReloaded.com

As G.I. Joe: COBRA #3 is hitting comic shops (and shocking Joe fans everywhere), JoeReloaded.com is posting a nice 5-page preview of the upcoming fifth issue of the mainstream G.I. Joe title.  Check out the preview here!

Sideshow Collectibles 12″ COBRA Commander arriving in mailboxes everywhere!

We all knew the day was coming, and it looks like it has arrived.  The cool as hell looking Sideshow 12″ COBRA Commander is hitting mailboxes and looking AWESOME.  Very pricey, yes, but if he’s close to as awesome as the Snake Eyes was, then I think we’re in for some treats now and in the future.  If you ordered him, keep your eyes out for the mailman!