Detailed images of UK-themed Scarlett at Blood for the Baron

Regular GeneralsJoes contributor cmderinchief recently got his hands on an Action Force themed repaint of the 25th Anniversary Scarlett figure, and was nice enough to let Blood for the Baron break the story.  To this point it is unknown as to whether or not this figure will ever even see release, but it remains an interesting figure nonetheless.

Check out the thread here, and take a gander at the images mirrored below.

Upcoming Rise of COBRA Ice-Viper pics and auction on eBay

Long time overseas pre-production seller sicdunbine has posted an auction for a loose sample of the upcoming Rise of COBRA Ice-Viper.  What makes this auction unique is that there are some nicely detailed images of the COBRA trooper, including a shot of the visor and showing that it raises up to reveal a mask underneath.  Check out the auction (very reasonably priced!) here, and check out the images mirrored below.